Kyle Sandilands shares the mysterious illness that saw him 'disappear' for a week.

Kyle Sandilands missed six days of work in the past two weeks, but he’s back on air and “feeling great”.

The KIIS FM star’s girlfriend Imogen Anthony caused concern on Friday when she posted on Instagram that her partner was “extremely sick”, but Kyle shared what was wrong with him on air this morning.

Beau Ryan, who was filling in for Jackie O (KIIS’ latest gastro victim), admitted that he was “thinking the worst” and even checked Imogen’s Instagram account over the weekend for evidence that he was doing okay.

Last week ARN national content director Duncan Campbell told the Kyle had gastro, but it turns out there was more too it.

“I’ve got blood pressure medication. I’ve got sleep apnoea and I’m a fat thing,” Kyle explained on air.

“So I get into this cycle of gasping for breath, not getting enough oxygen and getting a migraine. I’ve got to have tablets, these things happen… I’m on new medication, which I told everyone a couple of weeks ago [would] make me funny for a couple of weeks. But they all forgot about that.”

So it was a bout of gastro and a battle with migraines caused by sleep apnoea… That sounds rough. But somehow, people had assumed he had been struggling with his mental health.

“Can I just clarify for everyone who keeps texting, ringing, showing up unannounced, doing unauthorised newspaper articles, I’m not suicidal. Nothing’s wrong with me. I was actually ill,” he said.

“Don’t worry, I’m a rock.”

He insisted his colleagues had blown his sickness out of proportion – and even turned up to his house unannounced to check on him.


“Did you know Bruno [Bouchet, KIIS FM producer] and Jackie just appeared at my house on Friday at midday? Dinging on the doorbell, apparently. I was at the doctors, I wasn’t even there.”

“They just appeared without even a text – nothing. Showed up like an intervention.”

Jackie is expected to be back at work tomorrow where the duo will finally be reunited.