Kyle Sandilands speaks on radio about the "real" reason Sophie and Stu broke up.

Following the break up of Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy, most of us are left with a frankly absurd number of questions about why/how their relationship ended.

On Friday, Sophie confirmed the news of their break up in a very diplomatic Instagram post, writing, “I gave it the best shot I could and my intentions were everything I said I was looking for, but unfortunately it just didn’t work out”.

But on live radio on Monday morning, Kyle Sandilands offered a much more raw account of why Monk’s relationship ended.

“I was talking to her before Christmas and I knew, you knew it was tough… they weren’t getting on that great,” Kyle began.

“She told me she’s given it a red-hot crack, he’s a nice guy. But she did like the guy, she was telling me ‘look I like him but he vanishes for a couple of days at a time’,” he said.

‘”I know what [men] are doing when they vanish for a couple of days at a time – getting away from you.”

Listen – Sophie Monk: “I feel like a reject.” (Post continues after audio.)

Jackie O then claimed Stu didn’t quite enjoy Sophie’s love for partying, which Jackie labelled as “unfair”.

“To say that she’s a partier, I think she’s a bit like me – she likes to have a wine at night – but we don’t go anywhere,” Jackie continued.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Stu pinned the break up on his dedication to seeing his children.

“I’ve got children that have always been my priority. If I wasn’t with Soph I was with them,” he said.

Regardless of the reason, the official split between the two points to something we’ve known for a while now.


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