Kyle Sandilands' ex-wife Tamara thinks he and girlfriend Imogen should marry.

Kyle Sandiland‘s ex-wife Tamara Jaber now has nothing but kind words for the radio shock jock, despite having once described their two-year marriage as “miserable“.

In fact Jaber, who you may recognise from reality-TV born Aussie pop group Scandal’us, seems to have totally changed her tune.

“I will always love Kyle – we spent 10 years together – but I’m not ‘in love’ with him” she confessed to Woman’s Day.

“I’ve never regretted marrying Kyle, not in a million years. I know a lot of people might think I do but I don’t regret it at all.

“People assume he’s a pr*ck but he’s kind of sensitive.”

When the couple broke up in 2010, rather messily, Jaber moved to LA to recover from her heartbreak.


Kyle and Tamara way back when. Source: Getty

As part of the healing process she got an investment banker/rugby star boyfriend, wrote a few songs and trashed Sandilands in the press, accusing him of being controlling.

"I would sit on the sidelines and watch as he spoke for me. There was no way that he would allow my own personality to come through. My life was miserable then," she told News.com.au.

Notably, she also got into a bit of a tiff with his new girlfriend Imogen Anthony.

The adjectives "jealous" and "mental" were thrown around, but Jaber was clear she harboured no ill will towards "beautiful foetus" Anthony who, at 25, is two decades Sandilands' junior.

Imogen Anthony and Kyle Sandilands. Source: Instagram.

"Bitterness doesn't suit me," she told the Daily Mail.

"I don't really choose to hold onto sh*t."

And judging by this recent Woman's Day interview she really doesn't.

"I was still hurt and there was still so much crap and emotions there," she explained to the magazine, offering Anthony her blessings.

"I'd tell her to give it a go ... I’m not sure how he is with her but they seem happy".

Anyway, Sandilands' wasn't really her type, "I tend to date guys who are 100 per cent opposite to Kyle, so I date a lot of athletes," she said.