A comprehensive guide to all the nifty Christmas gifts you can pick up at your local Kmart.

Christmas is just three weeks away.

Let the panic sink in a bit, double-check your calendar, check your bank balance, and re-gather your thoughts. We can help.

It doesn’t matter if your ‘to-buy list’ is on the overloaded side, or whether your budget is looking kind of slim, Kmart will have you sorted. We’ve collated a one-stop Christmas gift guide, meaning you can get your festive shopping done in just one place.

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There’s something for each member of your family, as well as our top-picks for your favourite wellness enthusiast, plant parent, beauty buff, and homeware fiend too. The most expensive thing on the list is $42, and the majority of items are under $15.

So get thee into your nearest Kmart, grab a trolley, and get shopping.

Gift ideas for mums:

“Christmas is such a fun and stress-free time,” said no mum ever. Return her efforts with an at-home pamper session, or do a little DIY, and add some photos or your mum’s favourite quotes to these uber cheap clipboard frames.

kmart Christmas gift ideas 2019
Image: Kmart.

Foot Massager, $39

Clipboard Frame, $6.

Tufted Cotton Throw in Grey and Pink, $12.

Gift ideas for dads:

Not to generalise, but dads are notoriously difficult to buy for. They might say they don't want anything, but this is definitely a lie. If you're unsure, a mug will forever be a classic choice, however an old-school arcade game, or ritzy darts set-up wouldn't go astray either.

kmart Christmas gift ideas 2019
Image: Kmart.

Christmas Gift Mug, $3.

Dartboard with Cabinet, $42.

Plug and Play TV Arcade Video Game - Space Invaders, $29.

Gift ideas for brothers:

Like dads, brothers can be an enigma when it comes to gift-buying. Socks may seem like an 'over done' thing, but you can make the gift more personal with a bit of custom print. Otherwise, a coffee grinder could be the perfect gift for caffeine-addicts and coffee enthusiasts alike.


If you're buying for someone who's just moved out of home, tap into his inner-child with a plasma-ball. Admit it, they're kind of cool.

kmart Christmas gift ideas 2019
Image: Kmart.

Personalised Christmas Socks, $13.

Coffee Grinder in Black, $30.

Plasma Ball, $20.

Gift ideas for sisters:

Whether you're peas-in-a-pod or complete opposites, Kmart will have something to surprise your other half. From cute and affordable homewares, to novelty gifts they'll love, here are some ideas to get you started.

kmart Christmas gift ideas 2019
Image: Kmart.

Scented Reindeer Candle, $12.

Cast Iron Skillet Baking Kit, $9 each.

DIY Letter Board, $13.

Gift ideas for grandparents:

Show your grandparents you care with these lovely present ideas. If you're truly stuck for ideas, a book is generally a safe bet. For an emotional tear-jerker, we recommend the best-seller, The Tattooist Of Auschwitz by Heather Morris. It follows the true story of Lali Sokolov, a Slovakian Jew who is tasked with tattooing prisoners in Auschwitz, where he falls in love with a fellow Slovakian inmate.

kmart Christmas gift ideas 2019
Image: Kmart.

Grandma Soy Wax Fragrant Candle - Rose & White Tea, $6.

Aroma Diffuser, $20.

The Tattooist Of Auschwitz by Heather Morris, $16.

Gift ideas for kids:

Kmart has heaps of gift ideas for kids. Depending on their age, clothes may work, otherwise a brand new game, funky cushion, or fairy floss machine is sure to delight.

kmart Christmas gift ideas 2019
Image: Kmart.

Dog Doctor Playset, $9.50

Cotton Candy Maker, $40.

Lion Cushion, $7.

Gift ideas for the work secret Santa (all under $15):

Love it, or hate it, your office Kris Kringle doesn't have to be a stressful situation. You might not exactly be best friends with Brad from accounting, so let a novelty gift do the talking for you.

Otherwise candles are a sure-fire hit, excuse the pun.

kmart Christmas gift ideas 2019
Image: Kmart.

Desktop Warning Sign, $3 each.

Inflatable Slam Dunk, $5.

Refresh Candle with Geranium & Bergamot, $12.

Gift ideas for teachers:

We know... December is a full-on time. Between the impending holidays, and the end-of-year mania, maybe you've also got a teacher's gift to deal with. Fun.

A personalised chocolate bar adds a nice touch to a classic present, however if you want your child's gift to stand out, opt for something their favourite teacher can use around the classroom.

Image: Kmart.

Personalised Toblerone, $10.

Multi Layered Summer Garland, $4.50.

Drawer Set, $11.

Gift ideas for plant parents:

These plant-friendly pieces are perfect for everything on the spectrum, from horticulturalists-in-the-making, to remorseful plant killers. For added points, gift them with a little succulent, or a fiddle-leaf fig tree.

kmart Christmas gift ideas 2019
Image: Kmart.

Metal Tiered Plant Stand, $39.

Short Plant Stand in Pink, $10.

Prism Terrarium, $7.50.

Gift ideas for beauty buffs:

You know the type. They know their glycolic acids from their retinols, and can both pronounce and spell 'hyaluronic acid' [that's hi-la-ron-ic]. Up their beauty know-how with a book all about Korean skincare, or add to their stash with these budget-friendly options.

kmart Christmas gift ideas 2019
Image: Kmart.

Manicure Buffer Kit, $10.

The Korean Skincare Bible: The Ultimate Guide to K-beauty by Lillin Yang, Leah Ganse and Sara Jimenez, $12.


Pomegranate, Mango & Raspberry Juice Facial Mask + Face Serum, $3 each.

Gift ideas for foodies:

From their very own chocolate fondue kit, drink dispenser, and a cast-iron wonder that's a $29 dupe for the spendier $400+ Le Creuset version, your Masterchef-loving, Donna Hay-worshipping amateur chefs will adore these presents. Plus, it could also result in a few extra dinner party invites. Win-win.

kmart Christmas gift ideas 2019
Image: Kmart.

Chocolate Fountain, $20.

Cast Iron Casserole Grey, $29.

Dual Drink Dispenser, $20.

Gift ideas for wellness enthusiasts:

From a whopping 2.1L water bottle (which will take care of all their hydration needs), to a gratitude journal, and bath caddy, these picks will have them living their absolute best life in no time.

kmart Christmas gift ideas 2019
Image: Kmart.

2.1L Bottle with Handle, $6.

Bamboo Bath Caddy, $15.

Gratitude Journal, $5.

Gift ideas for homeware fiends:

Kmart is a bubbling nirvana for homeware lovers. If your giftee is constantly talking about the latest decorative must-have, then you pretty much have your shopping duties sorted. Here are just some of our favourites from Kmart's home collection.

kmart Christmas gift ideas 2019
Image: Kmart.

Cheese Board & Knife Set, $18.

Mirror Look Metallic Serving Tray, $12.

Salt lamp, $19.

Feature image: Kmart.

What are you favourite picks from the Kmart gift guide? Tell us in a comment below.