DON'T PANIC: Kim Kardashian does actually have a working sink in her bathroom.

When Kim Kardashian took fans on a rare tour of her and Kanye West’s very minimalist Calabasas mansion last week as part of US Vogue’s YouTube series, “73 Questions” with Joe Sabia, one feature left us all baffled.

Other than the fact that she has three children and seemingly no… stuff, her bathroom appeared to have a major design flaw.

Well, two. The first was that it had no door, and the second was that the sink appeared to have no outlet for water.

Kim Kardashian house
Nah but seriously Kim, where does the water go? Image: Vogue.

While we now know her house looks like a science lab/museum (science museum?), the people were particularly concerned about her plumbing.

...Because yes, the intricate details of Kim and Kanye's water usage is very important to us.

But never fear - we now have answers.

The 37-year-old shared a video to Instagram explaining how the sinks work as though we peasants routinely wash our hands with a hose in the backyard.


"There’s a slit for the water. And it goes in… no back splash will come up," she explained on Instagram.


"Kanye came up with this design," she added. "Eight versions of this prototype sink was made."

This sounds excessive, but with the house reportedly worth a cool $84 million in Australian dollars, we'd say several of the fixtures were as meticulously designed.

As she zoomed in on the offending sink, Kim went on to explain how the sloping design allows the water to drain down the slit in the stone like magic.

It's all very high-brow and well... Kim and Kanye.

To be honest we're just glad we know they can wash their hands efficiently ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.