Here's why Kim Kardashian is asking for your bone marrow.

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, just don’t deny she sometimes uses her influence and millions of followers to make the world a better place.

Taking a break from posting nude selfies and promoting her latest line of emojis, Kim surprised fans with a heartfelt message encouraging people to sign up to become a bone marrow donor.

Kim Kardashian is using her powers of influence to help save a man's life. Image via Getty Images

The reality TV superstar was compelled to share a story close to her heart, of a 31-year-old father of three who was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of blood cancer.

"He is desperately searching for a bone marrow match to survive, and you could be that match!" she wrote.

She pointed her fans to a Facebook page set-up so people can easily sign up to become a donor. The family is also hoping to raise $2 million to process donor test kits sent from overseas.


"Our ultimate goal is to reach $2 million in funds so that we can pay for ALL kits to get processed. In the US, processing a bone marrow swab kit is free. This is not the case in other countries," Adam writes on the page.

"The cost to analyse and process each one is $50. Each kit processed has the potential to be my match or someone else's in need. Everyone wins."

Of course, some were quick to hate on the reality star and her Facebook plea.

"Do you know that he's not the only person in this country with kids who needs a bone marrow match to live," one person wrote.

"Kim you can fix the bill though he's your friend please don't be selfish (sic)," wrote another.


But many fans were quick to praise Kim's generous sprit, writing that "many people do not know that kind of sensibility from you."

"I must admit. I never liked you. 180 degrees change of mind. I'm a fan," wrote another.

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