For 13 months, Khloe Kardashian’s son had a different name. Now it’s officially Tatum.

In July 2022, Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson welcomed their second child, a son, via surrogate. 

10 months later, we finally learnt his name: Tatum Robert Thompson. 

At the time of baby number two's birth, Khloé was still stuck on a name for him. But she was required to provide one on his birth certificate.

During the 10 months when the public didn't know his name, the reality TV star's family affectionately called Khloe's boy 'Baby' Thompson. That was the same name she put on his birth certificate.

Khloé officially listed her son's name as Baby Kardashian when he was born, before announcing his name as Tatum Thompson, and legally changing it in August.

He is now 13 months old.

Image: Instagram @khloekardashian.


As Khloé previously explained on The Jennifer Hudson Show in April, she "wanted to meet him and feel him out a little bit" before naming him.

She added, "At first, he didn't have a name. Then, he's been named but I've been waiting for the premiere of our show and I didn't know it was going to be this far out."

According to the US Sun, the on-again, off-again couple went for a name that honoured the life of Khloé's late father, Robert Kardashian.

"There was talk about whether it should be Tatum Robert or should it be Robert Tatum," a source told the publication. 

The insider added: "Some in the family were leaning more towards Robert, because it honours her dad and her brother, [Rob Kardashian]."

Kardashian’s father died in 2003 of cancer.

According to reports, Kris Jenner was "keen" to choose and announce the name of her 11th grandchild, but it reportedly took Khloé "a little while to settle on [it]."

"Khloé wanted a name that was kind of unusual but not too out there and also keeping with the T theme," the source said.

The reality star confirmed in a September 2022 episode of The Kardashians that the name of her son was "gonna start with a T."

This article was originally published on May 5, 2023, and has been updated since with new information.

Feature Image: Instagram @khloekardashian.

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