Celeb in 5: Monday’s best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Kendall Jenner is casually rolling around Coachella in a thong bikini because why the hell not?

Kendall Jenner is just out there casually living her best life.

After attending the first week of Coachella with sisters Kylie and Kourtney, the 22-year-old model has also attended the second weekend of the festival with all her friends who just happen to be, well, famous.

It was more her Coachella ‘chella, peachy Instagram post rather than her outfits, however, that has sent some eyes, ahem, boggling.

keeping my feelings low key

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Because we all go to Coachella and lounge casually in a leopard print thong bikini with perfectly placed flowers on the ground.

You know, always.

2. Edwina Bartholomew’s unique request for wedding presents is just really bloody beautiful.

Oh. Our hearts.

Edwina Bartholomew posted an Instagram story sharing what her and new husband Neil Varcoe requested guests bring to the wedding.

Instead of gifts, the couple asked guests to bring a copy of their favourite book.

Each book was labelled with a personalised note and some of the books gifted included an old program from the Munich Olympics and an original copy of Keats' poetry from 1921.

How beautiful. How wholesome. We want in.

3. Married At First Sight's Davina Rankin is "extremely happy" with her new boyfriend, thanks for asking.

MAFS might be over, but MAFS contestant gossip never is, that much you should know by now.

And it would appear old mate Davina Rankin has a new boyfriend, thanks very much.

Absolute day for it ????

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Model and personal trainer Davina told Daily Mail Australia that she is "extremely" happy with her new boyfriend Jaxon Manuel.

"Jax and I have been friends for years but the timing now is just perfect for the both of us," she said.


Talking about the cafe owner and surfer, she added that "he's the best and we are extremely happy with one another... life is good."

So long, Dean and Ryan.

4. There is another development in the long-running battle for the title of 'Matt Damon's Best Friend'.

So... apparently, Matt Damon's friendship is in very, very high demand, and his friendship is only allowed to be extended to ONE friend. Just ONE.

Just ask the Daily Mail who today wrote: "Sorry, Ben! Matt Damon's 'new BFF is Australian actor Chris Hemsworth.'"

Image: Getty.

A 'source' told Woman's Day that it is likely his long-time friendship with fellow actor Ben Affleck "never existed".

Why, you may ask, has this friendship drifted?

Because 47-year-old Damon is spending too much time in Australia with his new BFF Chris Hemsworth.

I'm sorry, Matt Damon. One friend is enough for you. Love from, apparently, the whole world.

5. We have three clues as to who Leah's fiancé is. These are our guesses.

When Leah Costa appeared on Monday morning’s media rounds in the wake of her exit from Bachelor in Paradisesomething stood out.

A very conspicuous, very conversation-worthy engagement ring.

So it appears in the time between when the show wrapped up filming, and TODAY, Leah has fallen in love and become engaged.

Obviously, the most pressing question of the day, nay, the week, therefore, is: WHO IS LEAH COSTA ENGAGED TO PLS.

Here are more clues and, ahem, our well thought out guesses because we have too much time on our hands.