A guy almost got in the way of Kendall Jenner's Met Gala photo. Her reaction is everything.

Of course, the fashion is fun, the names big and the spectacle opulent, but the Met Gala is really just about the world’s most famous faces trampling over the peasants in their wake.

Haven’t you heard?

A guy tried to get in the way of Kendall Jenner‘s photo op. So, like any good celebrity aware of their worth, she just… pushed him away.

Watch it all unfold here. Post continues after audio.

The poor Met Gala aide found himself in Jenner’s photo radius and was promptly told where to go.

The internet is, shall we say, divided, on whether the push could accurately be described as a “shove”, a “poke” or “jab”, but while they debate, we will settle on an arm to the back.

Twitter naturally fluctuated between loving it, hating it or finding deeper meaning about it, because such is the nature of Twitter:


Alas, you won’t die wondering on whether Jenner was being desperately rude or not in pushing/jabbing/shoving the poor guard, for Perez Hilton is running a poll: Was It Rude Of Kendall Jenner To Push That Met Gala Aide Out Of The Way?

Democracy at its finest.

Why are more and more young girls altering their faces to look like the Jenners?