The strange "flaw" in Kendall Jenner's new photo proves women just can't win.

At just 22, Kendall Jenner has already carved out an enviable life. She’s a world famous reality star and supermodel with millions in the bank and a long list of celebrity exes. Yet her latest photos are being shamed online.

Apparently, her toes are kind of weird, according to some fans.

Yes, we’re now living in a world where women are being judged based on the appearance of their toes. Their toes. What a time to be alive.

It all started when Kendall posted a photo of herself on Instagram on Monday from a black and white shoot she did recently with photographer Sasha Samsonova who has also photographed her sister, Kylie.

Kendall was completely naked in the photos but all anyone could talk about were her toes.


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Here are some of the comments:

“I love it ????????but what’s up with her foot???????”


“What happened to your toes?”

“She’s unreal obviously but look at her foot.”

“Toes are jacked and one foot is twice as long as the other…”


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Let’s get something straight here – there’s nothing actually wrong with Kendall’s foot. She has big feet and long toes, but given how tall she is, it’s all in proportion to her body.

But even if her feet were hideous, is this really where we’re at now?

When someone as beautiful and accomplished as Kendall is pulled apart for the smallest perceived “flaw” it just proves – women can’t win.

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