Kendall Jenner is in the middle of a love triangle lawsuit and it's quite a doozy.


Kendall Jenner has been caught in the middle of a love triangle and her momager Kris is salivating over the potential TV ratings.

The 22-year-old model’s rumoured tryst with American basketballer Blake Griffin was confirmed for the first time this week, when the Detroit Pistons player’s former fiancée filed a palimony lawsuit on Valentine’s Day.

In documents obtained by celebrity publication The Blast, Griffin is accused of caring “more about the glamour of dating a Hollywood celebrity than the day-to-day responsibilities of being a father and a family man.”

Let’s set the scene, shall we?

Griffin and Brynn Cameron – a former professional women’s basketball player and the mother of his two young children – were set to get married on July 28, 2017, but postponed their wedding just weeks before over a prenuptial disagreement.

Cameron reportedly did not want a prenuptial agreement with her then soon-to-be husband. (Images: Getty)

Allegedly, it took about the length of a milk bottle's expiry date for the athlete to pursue Jenner instead of his partner of eight years.

The Blast reports Cameron claims that pushing the date of their wedding back meant her partner “immediately embarked on a high-profile affair with Jenner”, including going on a "humiliating" public holiday with his new girlfriend in the Hamptons in August.


Griffin supposedly then told his former fiancée he “had no intention of continuing to live with her and their children", which she says is a breach of their oral contract stating that the basketball player would take care of their family financially.

The separation has left her, son Ford and daughter Finley “homeless and cash-strapped”, she says.

The reality TV star is yet to comment on the wee predicament she has found herself in, but it's highly likely Kris Jenner currently looks like this:

Kinda appalled/kinda happy her kids are penetrating the news cycle like nobody's business

Chat to you all in approximately 13 minutes, when the next Kardashiscandal breaks.

I can hardly wait.

As a family who have built their fame in the public eye, do the Kardashian's have a right to ask for privacy?