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Keli Lane's ex-boyfriend moved on. So the convicted killer sent his new girlfriend a carrot.


As a distraught Keli Lane heard the verdict that would put her behind bars for 13 years, she turned to her mother and close friend from the dock and whispered; “Where’s Patrick?”

He was her first thought as her worst case scenario became a reality.

Patrick Cogan was Keli’s childhood sweetheart.

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They’d dated as teenagers and then later reconnected just before she was arrested in 2009.

He stood by her during her four and a half month trial for the murder of her two-day old baby, Tegan, in 1996.

He dutifully listened to the evidence that his girlfriend had managed to conceal five pregnancies between the years of 1992 and 1999.

In his eyes she was innocent of any wrongdoing, and incapable of the murder she was accused of committing.

He sent long stem roses to court when he couldn’t attend, and stood by her when her sentence was handed down, visiting her in Silverwater Women’s Correctional Centre for years.

It was an off and on again love affair thanks to the hardships of one of them being in prison. Apparently, Keli begged Patrick to move on – but that begging was soon replaced with dreams to one day marry.

In 2014, when Keli’s final appeal was rejected, he told the media he’d never stop loving her.

Patrick even told The Daily Telegraph, Keli had gone “gay for the stay” to survive.`

Keli and Patrick dated as teenagers and rekindled just before she was arrested in 2009. Image: Supplied.

"The truth is weirder than a lie, but I believe her and love her. I'm waiting for the day she comes out and we can be a family."

But recently, Patrick got a new girlfriend and Keli is reportedly incensed.

The 44-year-old has initiated a campaign of hate against her former lover's new woman, reports Woman's Day.

The publication says Keli has been sending poems, sexually explicit letters, and messages to the new woman's work, home, boyfriend (Patrick) and social media.


"Say something mean or deny her something every day. Wipe that confident smug smile off her face at least once for me," she reportedly wrote to Patrick.

"The woman who comes after me will be the bootleg version of who I am," reads the first sentence of a poem from Milk and Honey that Keli allegedly had sent to her work.

Last September, Keli even sent a carrot to her new nemesis.

"I was shocked to death that anyone would be so malicious,'' the woman who hasn't been named told Woman's Day.

"It was quite obvious she was wanting to suggest Patrick was just dangling the carrot at me."

Keli recruited friends and associates from prison to help carry out her unrelenting attack that allegedly went on for months.

She is known in prison as Queen Bea, and if these claims are true, she's using her popularity to orchestrate a takedown from within the four walls of her prison cell.

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