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"He's my naughty boy now." MAFS Michael and KC confirm they're dating and self-isolating together.


After 7547 episodes, this year’s Married At First Sight season is finally over, but that doesn’t mean the gossip is.

The reunion special aired on Sunday night and just hours later, Michael Goonan and KC Osbourne confirmed one of the show’s many badly kept secrets (no seriously, we knew absolutely every spoiler before it happened and we blame the entire cast).

It didn’t work out with their (fake) spouses, but that’s okay because the drama and ratings brought them together and now they’re in love after five weeks of dating and self-isolating together. Because that is the world we now live in.

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In their first joint interview, the couple told New Idea they had been dating since early March, after weeks of “friendship”.

KC said she and Michael had got along well during filming and remained friends after the show ended, keeping in touch via phone calls.

Then after the reunion was filmed in January, they realised there were stronger feelings there and arranged to meet for a date, officially getting together in early March.

Michael’s reputation post-show was not the best, but KC told the magazine she was not concerned about his past partying.


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“Before I said yes to being his girlfriend, I asked him to come clean about everything so that no future allegations could rock us and he went into detail about everything. Yes, he was a naughty boy, but he is my naughty boy now.”

It then got serious… very quickly.

“It’s love. We have one hell of a journey ahead of us,” Michael explained. “Everything is on the table. We moved in together last week.”

He said he’d also introduced KC to his son Connor, from a previous relationship, and they’d talked about having their own kids in the future.

“I think KC would be the best mum. A little dancing pop star. We are excited to start the next chapter,” he said.

KC and Michael’s relationship ruined KC’s friendship with Michael’s (fake) (ex) wife Stacey, but she said her (fake) (ex) husband Drew was fine with it.

“I went for lunch with Drew after filming the Today show [on March 11] and he asked if the rumours were true. I couldn’t lie to him, so I told him that we were dating. Drew was nothing but supportive and agreed to keep it a secret. We finished off by having a glass of wine and toasting to the good times we had in the experiment.”


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On Instagram after the reunion aired, KC shared a tribute to Drew, thanking him for sharing the MAFS experience with her.

“This was a experiment and in the end it didn’t work out for us. This was not a real marriage but I tried my best from start to finish.

“This man sitting next to me has become a dear friend that I will treasure in the next chapter of my life. Through all the ups and downs I can honestly say this boy is loyal and is going to make a great husband and father one day.

“Drew thank you for this experience and even though I didn’t walk away with a relationship I walked away with an experience I will never forget and a friend that I adore.”

KC and Michael’s relationship confirmation comes after weeks of speculation, fuelled by Stacey answering questions about their relationship on Instagram and both of them acting coy in radio interviews.

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In early March, text messages between Stacey and KC were leaked, where KC asked Stacey's permission to get drinks with her (fake) husband, Michael.

"I spoke to Michael a couple [of] days ago, he asked how I was, we had a chat, he said he was coming to Sydney and if I wanted to go meet him for a drink," read KC’s message.

"I said if I do I would first ask you… Not sure I will but I do see Michael as a friend but that’s it."


And Stacey wasn't too happy about it, saying that Michael previously called her "trash" and "a bad mother".

"Told me he was going to ruin my life," wrote Stacey.

"He has [not] apologised, he hasn’t even reached out, his MOTHER reached out and wished me and [my] boys happiness."

Then in an interview with Kyle and Jackie O in mid-March, Michael tried to put us off by denying the rumoured relationship.

"Any truth to that rumour?" Kyle asked.

"No way! I wish it was to be honest. Have you seen her? She’s f*cking gorgeous," Michael replied. "F*cking hell. Line me up for that."

How romantic.

Around the same time, KC spoke with Hit FM's Fifi, Fev & Byron, and was a little more... truthful.

"Have you hooked up after the experiment?" asked a host.

"You know everything is going to reveal itself after the experiment," replied KC.

"The one thing that bothered me is I never ever, ever cheated on my husband during the experiment and, I know he will be the first one to back me up on that," she said, adding of Michael: "We always got along super well and yeah that’s all I’m going to say about it."

After additional pressing, KC maintained her silence on the matter but she didn’t deny anything either.

"So mark that down as a yes," they joked.