Celeb in 5: Tuesday’s best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Kayla Itsines shares the two breakfasts she eats every morning and FINALLY A FITNESS TREND WE CAN GET BEHIND.

“How great are celebrity day on a plates?!” said precisely no one ever.

But thankfully, the Instagram fitness Gods have finally blessed us with a celeb breaky we could actually get behind.

Enter: Multi-million dollar social media fitness star, Kayla Itsines.

Speaking to Sporteluxe, the 26-year-old from Adelaide shared her ideal breakfast and we’d totally eat it.

So, what is it?


Blueberries, cream cheese and honey on rye bread. Yep.

Look, it’s not Bacon and Egg McMuffin, but at least it’s not a green Buddha bowl. We’ll take what we can get.

2. The Princess of Denmark is back on home-soil and she’s gone straight to the water.


With all the Meghan Markle fuss that's taken over our lives, you'd be forgiven for forgetting that Australia had it's very own princess first. And she's come back home.

Mary, the Crown Princess of Denmark, alongside her husband Frederick, the Crown Prince, and their four children, have landed in Sydney for their Christmas break, with their current temporary home a massive 122-foot yacht that is literally jaw-dropping.

The vessel is a favourite among holidaying celebrities, and in this sweltering heat, we're sure it'll be a cool haven for the Danish family.

With its top-deck spa and Jacuzzi, not to mention the killer views, it's unlikely this family-of-six will ever get bored (check out these eye-watering pictures). But we just have one question.

Where's our invite?

3. Is it possible we've been graced with yet ANOTHER sign that Khloe Kardashian is pregnant?

Ah, pregnancy rumours. We will never know why we care so much about whether a celebrity is pregnant or not, but since we're here, let's speculate, shall we?


In case you've somehow missed it, apparently Khloe Kardashian is pregnant, and the Internet has literally exhausted every effort to make sure this pregnancy is confirmed.

The most recent proof lies in the reflection of Khloe's sunglasses that can be seen in her Instagram story, where if you look very closely, you'll spot what is believed to be a pregnancy pillow.

Could it be something completely different? A person lying down perhaps? Maybe.

But for now, let's just commend ourselves for our Sherlock-Holmes-detective skills, and look on for the next pregnancy clue.

4. Roxy Jacenko subtly responds to claims her employees are becoming her "clones".

Never, ever one to shy away from conflict, PR super-maven, Roxy Jacenko will always choose to tackle a problem head on... a woman after our own heart.

While it's not a new criticism lauded against her, employees of Sweaty Betty have often been accused as being identical twins of their blonde-haired boss, a claim which is as easily refuted by viewing their Instagram, and something Roxy herself has spoken out against.

However, the director of PR firm Sweaty Betty posted a photo of the latest trend in team bonding activities - desk side teeth whitening, provided by mobile whitening service Sparkling White Smile.

"Clone" and fellow publicist, Holly Asser, can be seen at the back.

Blonde hair... white teeth... By God, it's almost like they're... morphing into the same person.


5. Let's take a tour through Jools and Jamie Oliver's $17.4 million mansion, shall we?

So it turns out Jamie Oliver's foodie empire spanning global restaurants, cook books, and TV shows really brings home the bacon... $17.4 million worth of it to be clear.

Jools Oliver who in her own right is a children's wear designer and author shared the homey snaps on her Instagram giving fans a nosey into their very nicely decorated ten bedroom manor. Members of their adorable five-strong brood also pop up for good measure.

As the dedicated reporters and hard-hitting journalists that we are, we scrolled and scrolled, and now have a relatively complete picture of the wonder that is chez Oliver located in London's ritzy Hampstead Heath.

Is that weird?? That's not weird? Well, maybe a little bit weird... but we did it for you, and maybe a little bit for us too.

Too see all the trimmings, which includes the most divine nursery, bathroom, and rustic French kitchen, then step right this way.