Let's take a tour through Jools and Jamie Oliver's $17.4 million mansion, shall we?

In completely shocking news, the casual 10 million pound (that’s AU$17.4 million) manor of Jamie and Jools Oliver and their troop of five children is nothing short of an English fairytale.

In a single word, it’s stunning. And we’d like to move right in. Please?

River ????

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The 10-bedroom dream house is located in the ritzy London suburb of Hampstead Heath, which means the family is neighbours to Kate Moss, Emma Thompson, Harry Styles, and Ringo Starr. Just casually.

Listen: Jamie Oliver doesn’t let his daughters take selfies. (Post continues after audio…)

It’s equal parts ‘quaint cottage’ and ‘deserving of a feature on Grand Designs’. The kitchen is homely and a bit rustic, with vintage French elements like the lavish teal, velour bed and claw-foot tub elevating the otherwise totally bland chateau.

Oh, and the Christmas decorations are next level.

Christmas prep….to excited but lots to do ⭐️ woohoooo xxx

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Little baby, big bath ????xxx

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Pancakes ????

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However, the real highlight of our complete deep dive into the Oliver home is undoubtedly the children’s room including baby River’s nursery, designed by top Danish interiors firm styleplay…

… and Buddy’s wooden bed/cubby house that probably boasts more structural integrity than your Ikea couch.


A notable mention goes to the enchanting little potting shed which doubles as the backdrop for the spring catalogue of their children’s clothing and lifestyle collection.

In addition to their plush London residence, the Oliver family also owns a property in Jamie’s hometown Clavering, Essex (where his parents’ pub The Cricketer still operates) and if they ever decide on a change of scenery, we will gladly put our hands up to house sit.

No really… we will.

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