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"Put it in my mouth, Daddy." The 9 best moments from Katy Perry's MasterChef appearance.

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Last night’s episode of MasterChef was the stuff of fever dreams.

Katy Perry was in the kitchen, pregnant, in an orange leather dress, playing word-association karaoke and judging the dishes in the form of interpretive dance.

Watch: That time Katy Perry walked into the MasterChef kitchen. Post continues after video. 

Video by Channel 10

To be honest, it’s all a bit of a blur.

But I seem to recall confusing innuendos about “sweet meat”, judge Jock Zonfrillo cutting up Katy’s food, and Reynold pretending to get as excited as everyone else (Katy-who now?).

Here are 9 other bits that stood out.

1. Reece’s reaction. Just everything about it.

Reece’s reaction to Katy Perry’s arrival; a visual storytelling project.

Images: Channel 10. Collage: I did it all by myself.

There was gasping and deep breathing and face fanning and grinning and use of the word "goddess".

Then Katy approached him and made eye contact he had to literally hide under his bench.

2. When Katy Perry tried to start a singalong and no one joined in.

I'm sorry, Katy, but after the excitement of your arrival, everyone really has to get back to ensuring there's enough 'complexity' and 'depth of flavour' in their sauces, please.

And did no one warn you that Reynold doesn't appreciate distractions?

3. When Katy Perry turned Sarah's heartfelt confession about her stress levels into this...

4. And then gave her her own sultry countdowns.

5. When she got to pretend to be in a supermarket.

Katy Perry is a rich person and rich people don't do their own supermarket shopping. Which was evident when she asked excitedly if she could visit the pantry.

She gazed around in awe, presumably piecing together how all the things lined up on the shelves become... dinner.

Then Judge Melissa presented her with a bottle of HP Sauce as a souvenir. Which seemed like an odd choice, given it's British. But nevermind. Perhaps she'll put it on a shelf next to her Grammys. You know, just as a reminder to #stayhumble.


6. When she accused Poh of attempted murder, but then serenaded her anyway.

For a hot minute there, there was a little bit of concern that Poh may have assassinated Katy Perry with rendang.

It is 'twist week', I guess.

The singer said she'd been craving spicy food during her pregnancy, but a spoonful of Poh's sinus-singeing curry had her coughing, sputtering, wiping her eyes, asking for water, talking about her "snotting" nose, and muttering some pretty serious accusations.

"Poh's trying to kill me."

But she later returned to deliver an original song about the experience. You know, turn pain into art, and all that.

7. When she called Jock "daddy".

Let's not pretend we haven't had persistent fantasies about being gently fed spoonfuls of something delicious by Jock Zonfrillo.

Katy Perry just got to ask for it.

Out loud.

8. When she called Reece "the tits".

Reece's rum baba with orange sherbet and smoked honey diplomat cream had Katy feeling a lot of happy feelings.

There was closed eyes, interpretive dancing and, finally, some napkin origami that was meant to resemble a bra (? Maybe?).

Why? Because obviously Reece is "the tits".

 9. When she called herself a "basic B" and Khanh laughed.

When Poh dished up duck, it made Katy Perry "a bit nervous". Why? As someone who was raised on "meatloaf and milk", she's never ordered duck before: "I'm such a basic b[****]".

(basic b****  [bey-sik bich] noun. A person with predictable or unoriginal taste, interests or behaviour.)


Khanh, who was watching the challenge from the safety of the gantry, giggled.

Katy glared.

Khanh didn't mind.

If you'd like to sign my petition to have Katy Perry return for a guest judge for "basic B****" week, please comment below.

I just really want to see Ben the ice-cream guy cook a meatloaf.

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Feature image: Channel 10.