An identical daughter and 4 years with Johnny Depp: A look into the life and loves of Kate Moss.

Despite being an iconic it-girl of the '90s, Kate Moss is a woman of very few words.

Over her almost 30-year career, the supermodel has kept interviews limited and rarely discusses her relationships or family life.

But because Moss was (and still is) one of the most recognisable faces in fashion, her life outside of modelling has always been of interest.

Including her rise to fame, high-profile relationships and near-identical daughter, here's a look inside the life and loves of Kate Moss.

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Rise to fame.

In 1988, at 14 years old, Moss was famously scouted by Sarah Doukas, the founder of Storm Management at JFK Airport in New York.

"I was smoking," the model recalled to Love magazine, according to Harper's Bazaar UK. "I was 14 and I'd just lost my virginity. So I thought I was the bees knees.

"I was in the airport puffing away. I'd got on the plane and then Sarah [Doukas'] brother came up to me and said, 'Have you ever thought about being a model?'"


She was almost immediately signed to the agency.

Four years later, Moss became the face of Calvin Klein after her first boyfriend, Mario Sorrenti, shot the famous Obsession perfume ad.

"It was young love," Moss said in an interview on Megyn Kelly TODAY. "We were so innocent and young and so excited about the work, about everything. Everything was so new to us."

However, the relationship wasn't all rosy.

"I'd wake up in the morning and he'd be taking pictures of me, and I'd be like 'f**k off,'" Moss told Nick Knight. "I laid like that for about 10 days. He would not stop taking pictures of that.


"When you're in a relationship with a photographer and they start abusing that relationship of being like, 'I want you to do this', and 'I want you to do that'... and like, no - you can't," she added.

Not long after, Moss appeared in the iconic black and white Calvin Klein underwear campaigns alongside Mark Wahlberg.


"I had a nervous breakdown when I was 17 or 18 when I had to go and work with Marky Mark and Herb Ritts,” Moss told Vanity Fair in 2012. "It didn’t feel like me at all. I felt really bad about straddling this buff guy. I didn’t like it. I couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks." 

"I thought I was going to die. I went to the doctor, and he said, 'I’ll give you some Valium,' and [photographer] Francesca Sorrenti, thank God, said, 'You’re not taking that.' It was just anxiety. Nobody takes care of you mentally. There’s a massive pressure to do what you have to do. I was really little, and I was going to work with Steven Meisel," Moss continued. 

"It was just really weird - a stretch limo coming to pick you up from work. I didn’t like it. But it was work, and I had to do it," she added.

Four years with Johnny Depp.

In 1994, 20-year-old Moss started dating 31-year-old Edward Scissorhands star, Johnny Depp.

The pair met at Café Tabac in New York City's East Village.

“I knew from the first moment we talked that we were going to be together,” the model told Spin magazine.

Image: Getty. 


Two weeks later, Moss attended the premiere of Depp's film Banter, followed by an after-party at the Viper Room (the LA nightclub which Johnny Depp owned at the time and where River Phoenix died four months earlier).

The couple went on to travel together and attend various premieres side by side.

However, at the same time as their relationship took off, Depp began being branded with a bad boy title.

In September 1994, Depp was arrested for criminal mischief at New York's Mark Hotel for reportedly trashing his hotel room. Police found him "in a state of possible intoxication" with Moss, unharmed.

"It has absolutely nothing to do with Kate," Depp later said, according to Fred Vermorel in Kate Moss: Addicted to Love. "You want to hear the honest truth about what happened in that hotel? There was a cockroach in that room the size of a baseball, and I was chasing it, and I missed."


Image: Getty. 

In January 1995, Depp hosted a 21st birthday for Moss at the Viper Room. He bought her a John Galliano white slip dress. 

"It has travelled with me everywhere over the years. It’s the most perfect dress. I also lent it to Sadie [Frost] when she married Jude [Law]," she told British Vogue years later. 


In 1997, the couple called it quits.

"There’s nobody that’s ever really been able to take care of me. Johnny did for a bit. I believed what he said," Moss told Vanity Fair in 2012. 

"Like if I said, 'What do I do?' he’d tell me. And that’s what I missed when I left. I really lost that gauge of somebody I could trust. Nightmare. Years and years of crying. Oh, the tears!"  

The following relationships.

After a brief relationship (and even briefer engagement) with guitarist and actor Antony Langdon, Moss started a relationship with Dazed and Confused magazine co-founder Jefferson Hack. 

Kate Moss and Jefferson Hack in 2001. Image: Getty. 


"I think she loves Jeff because he is straightforward, laid back, reliable and knows so many things," Hack's mother, Teresa, told the Daily Mail in 2002.

In September 2002, the couple welcomed their daughter, Lila Grace Moss Hack.

However, the relationship didn't last.

From 2005 to 2007, Moss dated rock 'n' roll bad boy, Pete Doherty. 

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty in 2005. Image: Getty. 


During their two years together, their relationship was splashed across tabloid covers. Most notably, when the Daily Mirror obtained photos of Moss reportedly offering lines of cocaine to Doherty and his bandmates. 

"I take full responsibility for my actions," Moss said in a public statement. "I also accept that there are various personal issues that I need to address and have started taking the difficult, yet necessary, steps to resolve them."

Moss admitted herself to a 30-day program at a rehabilitation facility shortly after. 

Not long after her split from Doherty, Moss met The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince. 

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince in 2009. Image: Getty. 


"Jamie's amazing," Moss told Vanity Fair in 2012. "Basically, he turned up. I was at [longtime friend Lucie de la Falaise's] house in the South of France, and we were Googling men. And I went, 'Ooh, I like the look of him.' A friend set us up. He turned up, and we spent, like, the next four days together. 

"And after we finally woke up, I said, 'Do you want a bacon sandwich?' And he just laughed at me. I didn't know he was a vegan. We'd been together four days. 

"He wasn't a vegan for much longer. I did get him with the bacon sandwich," Moss added.

In July 2011, they got married at a village church in Gloucestershire.

Their wedding. Image: Getty. 


"I don't really go to clubs anymore. I'm actually quite settled," she told Vanity Fair the following year. "Living in Highgate with my dog and my husband and my daughter!"

After four years of marriage, the couple separated.

Their divorce was finalised in 2016. 

Raising Lila Grace.

Moss has spoken proudly about how much she loves being a mum.

"I love it. It's the best thing, it's my favourite thing," she told Megyn Kelly. "I was never lonely again."


Not only does Moss' 18-year-old daughter Lila Grace, look identical to her mother, but she plans on following in her footsteps too.

At 14 - the same age that her mum was scouted - Lila starred in her first modelling gig as the face of The Braid Bar. Most recently, she became the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty and made her runway debut, opening for Miu Miu.

Kate Moss and Lila in 2020. Image: Getty. 


"It was so emotional seeing Lila on the runway," Moss told British Vogue.

However, Moss is happy with whatever career her daughter wants to pursue.

"It’s up to her. I am leaving it up to her," she said to Megyn Kelly. "I will support her obviously. I will be her mumager! She can, if she wants to. I will support her in anything she wants to do."

Moss' life these days.

These days, Moss takes things at a slower pace and focuses on taking care of herself.

"I've learned to take care of myself a bit more," the Model told Harper's Bazaar. "I do yoga every day. I don’t go out nearly as much. And I take care of my skin, which somehow has held up."  

She's been in a relationship with photographer Count Nikolai von Bismarck for the past five years. 


Kate Moss and Nikolai. Image: Getty. 

And her life sounds pretty damn normal.

"I hit the sack at 11pm-ish and watch Netflix before I go to sleep. I’ve just finished Sex Education – it’s so funny. I wake up at around 8am. I’m a bit groggy in the afternoon if I don’t get eight hours’ sleep," she told Elle this year.

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