Kate Middleton just did a completely normal human thing and people are losing their minds.

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Sometimes with all the palaces, crowns and $40 million weddings it can be difficult to remember that members of the British royal family are actually just people.

And looking at what’s causing a stir in the UK this week, it’s clear we need to try harder.

Because Kate Middleton shutting her own car door should not cause this many people to lose their minds.

The Duchess of Cambridge was recorded stepping out of a car at Paddington Recreation Ground in London on Tuesday and then shutting the door – gasp – herself. Well, sort of. Another person finishes the job. But she made the initial door shutting motion.


This came a week after Meghan Markle did the same thing on her first solo engagement, resulting in endless praise for her “normal” behaviour that proved just how “down-to-earth” she was.



But an equal number of people were out to contest that Meghan was not the first working royal to shut their own car door. That in fact, Kate had done it many times before.


Well, the proof is there for all to see: Kate can be “normal” too.

The mum-of-three, who’s been on maternity leave from her royal duties since Prince Louis was born in April, was visiting the Sayers Croft Forest School and Wildlife Garden to learn how it’s helping children – just in case you’re interested in knowing where this momentous car door closing occurred.

Not everyone got in on the fuss over Kate and Meghan’s door-closing ability.

Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter pointed out that any claims Meghan “broke royal protocol” were simply inaccurate.


And plenty were confused as to why this was even provoking fanfare at all.

Let’s hope that with this latest footage, the door shutting saga is over.