"Childhood cancer tried to steal my six-year-old son. But I am doing my bit to stop it."

This weekend, radio personality Kate Langbroek will run 5km through Melbourne’s CBD to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Her inspiration is her son Lewis, who is a childhood cancer survivor.

On Friday, the Hughesy & Kate radio presenter shared a photo of herself and her eldest son on Instagram, speaking of how she wasn’t sure she’d ever get to watch him grow up into the teenager he is today.

“When this boyo, my firstborn, our beloved Lewis Lewis was diagnosed with leukaemia (t-call ALL) in 2009, I could barely dare dream that he would one day be a strapping, lanky 14-year-old giving me a cuddle at work,” the 52-year-old comedian and presenter captioned the image.


In 2009, Lewis was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL). ALL is a type of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow, the Leukaemia Foundation reports. The form Lewis had is called T-cell ALL – it’s seen in 20-25 per cent of all ALL cases and arises in the body’s developing T-cells.

Of the approximately 225 children diagnosed with leukaemia in Australia each year, 175 are diagnosed with ALL, making it the most common type of childhood cancer. The disease, which is most prevalent in children between the ages of two and four, is most commonly diagnosed in boys.

ALL symptoms can include anaemia, recurrent infections, and bruising and bleeding easily. Thankfully, the majority of cases are able to be treated.

Kate has previously spoken about her son’s three-year battle with ALL. In a 2015 piece for, the mum-of-four wrote about the struggle to stay strong for her son during Lewis’ treatment.

“Of course, I thought I could not bear it, but I did. Because I could not panic and I could not run. Because I was his mother. And because he was frightened, I could not be. So, each fear-filled, leaden step, I tried to take evenly. Each stroke of his little bald head was with my hand, calm and reassuring. Every word I spoke, I uttered quietly and lightly, to make sure I would not betray to my child the quivering fear inside me,” she wrote.


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In late 2013, she spoke on air of how Lewis was diagnosed in 2009 after doctors thought he might have a virus, and how he was cleared of all cancer in early 2013.

“When I was tucking him in… there were so many times that I didn’t dare to think that I’d be tucking in my ten year old son and I feel so blessed that I am and that we’re all here,” she said at the time.

Kate and her husband of 15 years Peter are also parents to their three other children Artie, Jan and Sunday.

To support Kate and The Children’s Cancer Foundation, please visit and donate to her Run Melbourne donation page.