"At the time it seemed like a good idea." Kate Langbroek opens up about moving overseas with her family.

Kate Langbroek announced this week that she’s making a huge change.

The Melbourne radio host is packing up her family and moving to Bologna, Italy for a year.

And while she was positive when sharing the news on her Hit Network’s drive show with Dave Hughes on Monday, on Wednesday’s episode of The Project she seemed a little more unsure.

“I can’t tell you why because I’ve got NFI (no f***ing idea), but at the time it seemed like a good idea that we take our four kids children and go live in Italy for a year,” she said while on the panel.

“Why? I don’t know, but I’m hanging by a thread. Mind you, so does a spider.”

Kate announced on Monday that she was moving overseas with her husband Peter Lewis and their four children – but it wouldn’t affect the Kate and Hughesy show, as she would still broadcast from Italy.


While the 53-year-old’s “fantasy” was to take a year off work, Hughesy “convinced” her to continue with the show.

“You’ve got a dream to live in Italy with your family for a year and I’ve convinced you to continue to do the radio from Italy,” he said.

And it’s almost too late to change her mind. Kate said she’s hopping on a plane this Friday.

“Next Tuesday after the long weekend I will be in Italy talking to you,” she said.

But while listeners won’t notice a difference, it will be a new experience for Kate – Hughesy will start work at 4.30pm and she will start at 6.30am.

And if the location difference doesn’t work out, there’s always Pete Helliar to fill in, as he and Kate joked on The Project. 

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