What led Dave Hughes to lash out at co-host Kate Langbroek behind the scenes.

It’s clear from their on-air banter that radio co-hosts Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek have a special kind of friendship. The kind forged through hours and hours spent talking about just about everything together.

It’s also the kind that allows for hissy fits and swear-filled rants, apparently.

That, we gathered from a particular behind-the-scenes clip released as part of video series Hughesy and Kate: Behind The Show.

This episode is set in July when Hughes was co-hosting their Hit Network drive show from Montreal, Canada – where he was performing in a local comedy festival

In order to chat on air live to Kate at 4.30pm in Australia, Hughesy had to be in the Montreal radio studio from 2.30am to 4.30am. His off-air outbursts suggest Hughesy’s peak performance period is, quite understandably, not the early hours of the morning.

The clip shows Hughesy yelling at his co-host when the pair encounter some technical difficulties and can’t get Skype to work.

“We can still do a f***ing show, Katie,” he yells. “We will do a show without this f***ing bulls**t.

“You’re not going to look at me, I’m sorry, I’m not that pretty.”

Kate, unfazed by his expletives, replies, “I want to look at you”.

In this documentary-style clip, Hughesy and Kate tell the camera that the comedian has trouble with passwords. Which causes a problem when he can’t log in to get the callers on air.


“You can get the callers on air,” he can be heard saying to Kate.

“You take over for once … rather than sitting back like a f***ing Queen Sheba”.

“No, you c**t,” Kate laughs, adding, “Remember, you’re angry at yourself.”

Hughesy later joked to the camera: “I think I was in a really good mood the whole time and it was well worth it.”

But it’s definitely not all frustrated outbursts between Kate and Hughesy. The pair have a working relationship many of us would kill for.

When the Hughesy, We Have A Problem host found out in 2016 that Kate was being paid about 40 per cent less than him for the same work, he took a pay cut so she could receive a raise and they could achieve pay parity.

Video by Mamamia