Scott Morrison's glorious response to Karl Stefanovic calling his party a "dog's breakfast".


On Wednesday morning, Karl Stefanovic interviewed our newly minted Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.

The Today show host took the opportunity to have a lil’ dig at Morrison, telling him the Liberal party was an “absolute dog’s breakfast”.

“You are the boss but you have little or no control over the party. You couldn’t save the Prime Minister and then you became the Prime Minister. Your party is an absolute dog’s breakfast,” Stefanovic said.

Morrison then explained the “curtain had come down” on the Liberal party spill and there was a “new generation of Liberal leadership in place.”

Watch the exchange here…

“Grab the Selleys and plug the leaks and you might have a chance. There is a leak every day,” Stefanovic shot back.

“If you can’t control the leaks you might as well be captain of the Titanic.”

Morrison then turned the tables on Stefanovic, comparing the recent turbulence of the Liberal party to Stefanovic’s own rocky personal life.

“Karl, you’ve been through some torrid events in your career and look at you,” he said. “You are Australia’s hero. You get over these things. You move past them.”


Stefanovic was momentarily stunned and then he laughed and replied, “Well, I’ll take that from the Prime Minister”.

In case you missed it, Stefanovic became the target of intense media scrutiny after he separated from his wife of 21 years, Cassandra Thornburn, at the end of 2016.

He later announced he was in a relationship with Jasmine Yarbrough, a 34-year-old fashion designer. The pair are now engaged.

In March this year, Stefanovic again made headlines after a conversation between the TV host and his brother, Peter Stefanovic, was leaked.

Peter spoke to his older brother on loud speaker in the back of an Uber late at night and the Uber driver later went to the media.

The 36-year-old, who was sitting next to his wife Sylvia Jeffreys, went into great detail about how much he “hated his job,” and was sick of his ideas always being rejected.

Karl, 43, retorted that Nine bosses, “didn’t know anything and were out of touch,” specifically criticising 60 Minutes,which he claimed has seen a substantial drop in ratings.

The conversation, which the anonymous Uber driver says lasted for 45 minutes, then turned to the subject of Karl Stefanovic’s new Today co-host, Georgie Gardner.

The Gold Logie winner is said to have become angry, attacking Gardner for “sitting on the fence” and lacking in opinions. If she wants to maintain her spot, Stefanovic remarked, then she was going to have to “step up”.