Cindy Crawford's daughter started modelling at 10. This is what her life looks like now.


Cindy Crawford was among one of the very first ‘original supermodels’ to hail from the United States.

After a passing newspaper photographer took a picture of a young Crawford pollinating corn on a farm in Illinois, the high school student soon launched her modelling career, becoming one of the most recognisable faces of the supermodel era.

It was a true small town girl turned celebrity story.

cindy crawford daughter kaia gerber
Cindy Crawford in 2018. Image: Getty.

Now, decades on from Cindy's start in the industry, her 18-year-old daughter Kaia Gerber is following in her footsteps.

On Tuesday, the young model shared the cover of British Vogue's October issue to her Instagram page.

Bearing an uncanny resemblance to her supermodel mum, the 18-year-old wore a geometric print dress with peach-coloured earrings for the magazine cover shoot.


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"The best birthday present ever," Kaia captioned the photo.

As soon as the cover image was released, fans began to point out the resemblance between Crawford and her daughter Kaia.

"Look at those Cindy genes," one follower commented.

"You're just like your mum. Beautiful," another wrote.

Although she's only 18 years old, it's the second time that the young model has landed a solo Vogue cover.

Last year, she appeared on the cover of Vogue Paris and in 2016, she appeared on the cover of the same magazine once again alongside her mother.


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Speaking to British Vogue for her current cover, Kaia discussed the struggle of growing up in the digital age and dealing with constant public scrutiny.


She also shared that she has a fairly quiet life away from the cameras.

"When I'm working, I don't have the energy to even flirt with anyone. I'm sorry, I just can't," she admitted.

"But I'm not losing hope in all love forever," she added.

"I have backgammon at my house, and that's all a girl needs. When I'm home, I'm living the life of a 70-year-old woman."

Kaia first shot to fame in the modelling industry when she was spotted on Crawford's Instagram several years ago.

When she was just 10 years old, Kaia appeared in a Young Versace campaign, before appearing in Teen Vogue at 13.

She later made her runway debut in 2017 for Raf Simons' Calvin Klein collection, before walking for Burberry, Alexander Wang, Prada and Chanel among many more.

cindy crawford daughter kaia gerber
Kaia Gerber in 2017. Image: Getty.

Following her recent cover shoot, British Vogue editor Edward Enniful praised Kaia for her work ethic.

"I have known Cindy Crawford, her supermodel mother, since the '90s, so it’s wonderful to now work with her daughter, who is as driven, hardworking and beautiful as Cindy is," he said.

"It always pleases me that, every season, despite coming from privilege, I see Kaia in the trenches with the other models, doing show after show, always on time and with a kind word for everyone. That’s the way to do it."


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Earlier this year, Crawford opened up about her daughter following in her footsteps in the modelling world.

"It was a good thing that she couldn't work on the runway until she was 16. There are laws about that. After that I couldn't really hold back," she told PorterEdit.

"You hope that all of the advice and guidance and role modeling that you did sticks. That's the stage of parenting when you think, 'Okay, hope you can fly!"

Crawford also responded to claims that she "bought" her daughter an appearance on a magazine cover.

"Kaia had some advantages," she said.

"She is my daughter and people know that. But when people say that I bought her a cover of a magazine, I think, if I was going to buy a cover for someone, it would be me! If I could get someone into a fashion show, I would be getting it for myself."

cindy crawford daughter kaia gerber
Cindy Crawford and her daughter Kaia in 2017. Image: Getty.
cindy crawford daughter kaia gerber
Image: Getty.

Although Kaia was brought up by a supermodel, she admits her mother "never gave her a catwalk lesson".

"I've definitely watched her work, but we're not at home just walking down the hallways of our house together," she told Vogue last year.

"I admire how down to earth my mum is... everyone would ask me what it's like to have Cindy Crawford as your mum, but Cindy Crawford (the supermodel) wasn't my mum – she did a really good job of separating her work and home life."

Kaia was born to Crawford and her husband, businessman and former model Rande Gerber, in 2001.

The couple also have a son, Prelsey Walker, who was born in 1999.

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