"Just stop hurting people." A mother's heartbreaking plea to her 'most wanted' son.

Carol Cloke is grieving the loss of her two sons.

In the space of just over a year and a half, the mum-of-three, who describes herself as a “broken woman”, has felt the immeasurable loss of both of her boys.

But her story is complicated.

Carol’s youngest son, David, was brutally murdered in February last year.

The 36-year-old was found lying in a pool of blood at a Westfield shopping centre in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs following a violent samurai sword attack.

The main suspect is Carol’s older son – Jonathan Dick – who is now one of Australia’s most wanted criminals.

Now, the grieving mother is appealing for her fugitive son to come forward and hand himself in.

“He is my son and I love him,” she said on A Current Affair.

“Just stop hurting people and get the help you need. Hand yourself in.”

Following the February 3 attack, the 40-year-old vanished without a trace, unseen for months on end.

But on August 23, a 38-year-old associate of Jonathan was viciously attacked with a hammer in his driveway. Police believe Jonathan was trying to kill the man.

Fortunately, the man survived the attack, telling police it was Jonathan who attacked him in front of his Keilor, Victoria, home.


The violent attack has reignited the search for the fugitive.

For Carol, the loss of her youngest son David and the situation with Jonathan has undoubtedly taken a toll.

Carol Cloke speaks to reporter Alexis Dash on A Current Affair. Image via Channel 9.

As A Current Affair reporter Alexis Daish described, the mum-of-three suffers from anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder and she's developed a stutter.


But despite the tragic loss of her son David, she's determined to make sure her son Jonathan isn't a risk to others.

"It is my greatest fear to think that he would [hurt someone else]," Carol told A Current Affair.

"Your family is one thing, but somebody else's..."

That fear is exactly why Carol continues to speak to the media, pleading for the 40-year-old to come forward to police and get help.

Following the August attack, she delivered a message to Detective Inspector Tim Day of Victoria Police which was read aloud to media.

"I miss you so much and so does your brother Simon," Carol wrote.

"I'd like you to reach out to us Jonathan, we're here to help you and we love you."

Police are appealing for anyone who recognises Jonathan to contact police. They have also released details of his two tattoos. One, which is believed to be on his right thigh, depicts comic-book characters Wolverine and Sabretooth in a battle while another tattoo, believed to be on his left calf, depicts the Incredible Hulk.

He is described as of Caucasian appearance and about 180 centimetres tall, with a solid build and shoulder length brown hair.

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.