Jessica Simpson's followers have cruelly descended on her over a video of her 4-yo son.

Jessica Simpson is in trouble with the parenting police after the singer, actress and fashion designer posted an Instagram video of her husband, Eric Johnson, throwing four-year-old son Ace into a swimming pool.

You see, young Ace had recently broken his arm and was wearing a waterproof cast. In the video Johnson is shown throwing Ace into the air who (kind of impressively) does an in-air back flip before falling back into the pool.

The 37-year-old mother-of-two captioned the video with, “A broken bone doesn’t hold this kiddo down #waterproofcast”… and cue controversy.

A broken bone doesn’t hold this kiddo down #waterproofcast #ACEKNUTE

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Those that took offence to the video claimed that Jessica was obliviously putting her son’s health in danger and safety at risk – because apparently every single one of them has decided they are medical experts.

“‘I’m sorry but I think that is the most ridiculous thing to be doing as a parent! I’m sure you all are great parents but my daughter broke her arm and she was told to not swim or doing anything strenuous,” said one particularly concerned commentor.

“Wow- no wonder the kid has a broken arm,” wrote another.

Others left similar notes of concern:

“He’s throwing his child like he’s throwing a ball or an object. It wouldn’t be so bad if his arm wasn’t already broken. I see why people are concerned, it’s dumb.”

“I’m just saying some of y’all need to use your brains when it comes to broken bones.”

“I think any generation would not think it’s a good idea to flip a child around like that with a broken arm lol.. that’s just common sense.”

Welcome to our family Dixie! ????

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Others said that those complaining didn’t know the extent of Ace’s broken arm and therefore had no right to judge.

“Come on people once a broken bone is set and in a cast you are good to go. Enjoy the summer and don’t be a helicopter parent. Kids get hurt but fun continues,” wrote one.

“I’m sure they’re doing as the doctor advised. Not all breaks are the same,” said another user.

“Way to go! Even with a broken bone nothing is holding him back – good on you kiddo,” wrote another sympathetic commenter. “When I was a kid I broke my leg – had a cast that covered my foot to my knee – the doctor put a heal on the cast so I could still go out and be a kid. I rode my big wheel, and played outside doing whatever I could. Now if only I had a waterproof cast…”


Jessica first posted about Ace’s first broken bone on June 20 and showed her son in an examination room with the same fluoro green cast.

“This kid is breaking more than hearts these days,” she wrote in the caption with the hashtags #ICriedMoreThanHeDid and #firstbrokenbone.

Now, judging by the video, the four-year-old looks to be enjoying himself without a care in the world, so I guess we can call this a case of no-harm-no-foul.

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