Can you spot the little girl in danger in this crowded pool?

Lifeguards really are society’s unsung heroes.

In a video posted to the Lifeguard Rescue YouTube channel, an eagle-eyed lifeguard made a heroic rescue on a young girl who was struggling to keep her head above water in a public wave pool.

The pool was crowded with people, making it hard to spot the floundering young swimmer, but a female lifeguard was on it within seconds, diving into the water and quickly pulling her to safety.

Pool Rescue
A Lifeguard Rescue YouTube video shows a lifeguard swimming out to save a hard-to-spot young girl in a crowded wave pool. Image: YouTube

The video, which was first published on June 17, has since gone viral, amassing almost 51,000 views.

Many people commented that they wouldn't have spotted the girl in danger, and applauded the lifeguard for her quick actions.

"Wow. I never would have noticed that one," wrote one person in the comments below the video.

Watch the full video below.

"Keep saving lives!" wrote another.

While it's not known exactly where the rescue took place, it shows how switched on lifeguards have to be at all times while on the job.

Definitely not a career for the faint-hearted.