Jessica Simpson's latest Instagram photo of her daughter has received harsh backlash.

Jessica Simpson has become the target of online criticism after posting photos of her daughter on Instagram.

In the photos, five-year-old Maxwell Drew is wearing a bikini and a helmet, and posing with her scooter. Simpson has captioned the photos: “Safety first”.

Safety first ???? #MAXIDREW

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However, shortly after posting the photos Jessica received a barrage of criticism from her Instagram followers.

Some people thought that it was inappropriate that Maxwell Drew was wearing a bikini, with one person commenting: “That is way too much skin for a kid. Also, why is she in a bikini riding a scooter?”


“Sorry to be harsh and just my opinion but why do parents let their little girls wear tiny bikinis. For the person saying it’s just for fun? Really it looks so inappropriate! Just cuz something is on a rack you don’t buy it,” added another.

While others believed Jessica was forcing the five-year-old to grow up too soon, by posing her like an adult.

“Sorry, but she is too young to be posing like that,” one person commented. “She has all the time in the world to be a grown up.”

“Would never let my young daughter act like that, but I guess her mother acts the same way so not her fault.”

Others attacked Simpson personally, and suggested that she shouldn’t have shared the photos publicly.

Wheels up to Waco! ✈️#wheelsandheels #MAXIDREW (Ace was too shy for the pic ????)

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“She’s cute but this pic isn’t for public consumption,” someone wrote. “Just share it with family and close friends. Why give perverts sick ideas about your precious child?”

“Be safer. If you didn’t exploit this precious child all over the internet. Nothing but stupid parents for not using discernment. Everything is about vanity for you people.”

However, some people stepped in and defended Jessica, noting that Maxwell was just being a normal five-year-old girl.

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“Aw she’s just having fun people,” one person commented. “She’s an innocent child doing and wearing what she sees her mummy doing. It’s only people who make adverse comments that I worry about having the thoughts in the first place. It’s just a child having fun. Let her be.”

“Go judge somewhere else. She is gorgeous and no need for mummy shaming,” added another.

Jessica is yet to reply to any of the comments.

Do you think this photo is inappropriate for a five-year-old?