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"The truth will come out." MAFS' Cyrell says there's more to her fight with Martha than we saw.

Married at First Sight’s drama escalated to the point of robe-grabbing in Tuesday night’s episode.

In what seemed like a massive overreaction, Cyrell became furious when she confronted Martha about asking her ‘husband’ Nic why he’d touched Jessika’s leg at a dinner party.

“I’m just gonna be straight up and frank with you, alright? I genuinely don’t like you. I think you sh*t-stirrer, I think you bitch around people’s backs,” the 29-year-old opened.

“So, what I’m gonna tell you now is, from now on, Martha, stay the (BLEEP) out of my life, don’t make a comment about my life, or Nic’s.”

Things got tense. Image: Nine

Within minutes things progressed from a verbal fight into a physical one when Cyrell lunged at the makeup artist, forcing producers to step in and push them apart.

Cyrell has since suggested that viewers may have missed part of the story, telling Nine Honey: "There are two sides to every story and the truth eventually comes out."


"For me, basically, if I don't like you, chances are I'll never like you. I'm the type of person that I will forgive a certain incident, but I won't forget it, and people's true characteristics definitely will come out," she said.

"And probably the only last thing I would like to add: people get judged so much on how they look, and just because someone - and maybe I'm not referring just to Martha when I say this - but just because someone looks so sweet and innocent doesn't mean they really are.

"And I hope everyone sees the truth when that comes out."

As for Martha, she told Jessika in a clip published online that she didn't appreciate being accused of starting drama when she "just heard something and wanted to know if it was true".

Jessika, meanwhile, said she felt "guilty" about the situation.

And in case you're wondering why Nic was touching Jessika's leg, the 28-year-old has told TV Week that he was just trying to comfort her, and it was a purely platonic touch.

"She was down in the dumps about her relationship," the electrician said.

"It wasn't sexual, it was a little leg touch. It was me reaching out with my foot. Jess is a bit of a flirt in general, that's her personality. But there was no malice in it. I was committed to Cyrell."

His use of the word "was" there may just be the biggest indication that the pair don't recover from this incident.

After Cyrell's outburst she and Nic exchanged tense words, ending with her packing up her things and sleeping somewhere else that night.

The pair did, however, seem to calm down after some counselling from John Aikin.

During that session, Cyrell spoke about her trust issues and how that might go some way to explaining why she was so upset at suggestions Nic might be cheating on her.