Jennifer Lopez is humiliated as Leonardo DiCaprio thinks she's flirting with him.

JLo. Jen. Jenny. Jenny From the Block. Your Majesty. Jennifer Lopez is a woman of many names and many talents, including – it turns out – dancing while sitting down.

Jennifer (which is what she prefers to be called, by the way) is the latest guest on The Late Late Show‘s juggernaut Carpool Karaoke segment, in which famous musos hop into host James Corden’s boss Range Rover for a good old fashioned sing-a-long.

via Facebook/jenniferlopez

The latest ep contains enough gems to rival JLo’s wardrobe. For one, she hasn’t got her legendary derrière insured: “No!” she yells. “There is no such thing as that!”

Secondly, she’s been proposed to a total of five times, only three of which she accepted. So precisely how does one turn down a man on bended knee, Jennifer Lopez? “You just say no.” Of course. And we bet they’re still besotted, too.

Thirdly, the contacts in her phone read like a veritable who’s who of what’s what: Demi Lovato, Bradley Cooper, Christian Luboutin, Chris Brown, Fergie, Iggy Azalea, Christiano Ronaldo. And Leo DiCaprio, whom Corben texts on Jennifer’s behalf. He writes, “Hey baby. I’m kind of feeling like I need to cut loose. Any suggestions? JLo (you know, from the block).” Of course, Leo responds – because JLo: “You mean tonight, boo boo. Club-wise?”

Fourthly, she can sing and dance while sitting down better than we can standing up. You know what? We’re not even surprised.

Watch the full video below…