Jennifer Lawrence explains why filming nude scenes for her new film felt empowering.

In Australia to promote her latest film with Aussie actor Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Lawrence opened up on The Project on Monday night about the nude scenes in Red Sparrow.

The 27-year-old actress said the scenes demanded fearlessness and ultimately empowered her ..

“There is a difference between consent and not,” Lawrence told The Project.

Video via Channel 10

She drew on the nude photo hack that saw her private images leaked online in 2014.

“I did feel like I took the power out of having my body taken from me. I felt like I took it back and I could almost own it again,” she said.

“It is my body and it is my art and it is my choice and if you don’t like boobs, you should not go and see Red Sparrow.”

LISTEN: A thank you to Salma Hayek for pointing out how Harvey Weinstein is. Post continues after audio.

Lawrence weighed in on the #MeToo movement and the allegations levelled at Harvey Weinstein.

“He was never inappropriate to me,” she said

“It is deplorable. When it came out I wanted to kill him. The way that he destroyed so many women’s lives. I want to see him in jail.”

After just announcing her decision to take a year off from acting to focus on her fight for equality and women’s rights, Lawrence admitted acting was a “fickle industry”.

“If the next few movies don’t do well in the box office, I won’t act… I might be on a Shetland pony in a month,” she joked.

Lawrence’s self-deprecating, Australian-esque sense of humour was praised by the panel on The Project, and proves to be the reason she remains one of Hollywood’s most treasured movie stars.