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Hold the phone. What is going on in these photos of Megan Marx and Jake Ellis?


It’s only been 24 hours since The Bachelorette Australia finale ripped out our weary hearts and made us (semi) believe in love again.

You’d think we’d be ready for a break from reality tv stars and their love lives…


Enter random news about former Bachelor franchise contestants on Instagram.

After some social media sleuthing from Pedestrian TV, a series of photos indicate that former Bachelor in Paradise couple Jake Ellis and Megan Marx are probably, maybe, a little bit back together.

This particular theory was born from some suspicious activity on Ellis’ latest Instagram post.

“Just casually triple parked, with way too much food enjoying the best views of Brisbane! I do what I want!” the former Bachelorette contestant captioned an image of himself at a Brisbane rooftop bar.

One very talented Instagram user/detective picked up on the fact that the glass of wine in the photo matched a glass of wine in his former partner Marx’s Instagram story posted around the same time.

Marx even rewarded the stalker’s skills by replying with a ‘you got me’ type emoji.

jake ellis instagram
Nice one Raych26. Image: Instagram.

Then, on Friday night, both Ellis and Marx went to the Brisbane RnB Fridays concert with another former Bachelor in Paradise buddy Elora Murger.

Murger's Instagram story showed them all enjoying some very responsible pre-drinks before the concert together.

elora murger instagram
The three best friends that anyone ever had. Image: Instagram.

And then BAM, she videoed Ellis and Marx having a cheeky mosh pit pash.

elore murger instagram
True love. Image: Instagram.

Does this mean the Bachelor in Paradise couple who broke up in August might be back on?

To be honest, we've all made out with someone at a concert when a particularly sexy/nostalgic song came on, haven't we? Didn't mean we were necessarily in a relationship with said someone.

So, this could mean nothing. Or something.

Until next time.

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