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We asked The Bachelorette's Todd if he's doing OK. His response broke our hearts again.

Man, Thursday night’s The Bachelorette Australia 2018 finale was BRUTAL.

For those playing at home, Ali Oetjen finally found love with 28-year-old bank manager Taite on her third crack at this whole reality TV dating show thing.

It was lovely and we’re so happy for the couple, who by all accounts appear to still be together, which is always a win.

But we need to talk about Todd King.

Poor, sweet angel Todd, who after putting himself out there and telling Ali that he loved her, was rejected at the final hurdle.

It was absolutely gut wrenching.

If watching it back in gif form doesn’t make your eyes moist, are you even human?!

todd bachelorette
todd bachelorette
todd bachelorette
todd bachelorette
DED. Images: Giphy.

When we interviewed the 26-year-old sales rep/aspiring police officer from WA earlier this morning, we asked him how he's doing and if he's OK after watching his heart turn to dust on national TV.

His response was honest and genuine, and broke our hearts all over again. It also made us wonder if it's weird to be this invested in someone you've never met from a reality TV show... yeah.

"Look, I'm not too bad, getting there... I've been better," Todd told Mamamia.


"Um... to be honest, no, I'm not over Ali. There's definitely still feelings there, that just takes time. That'll subside and I'll be able to move on. But because I've had to pretend in a lot of ways that we're still together, it's only now that I get the chance to move on."

Todd also said he hasn't had any contact with Ali since filming on the show wrapped up a couple of months ago, but she sent her "best wishes" through... Taite.

"I haven't spoken to her directly but I've been in close contact with Taite, really regularly... she sent her best wishes."

"They're both happy that I'm in a good place and we've been able to maintain a close friendship. My ex before Ali, I'm still really good mates with, so I think that shows a lot of maturity if you're able to overcome those feelings and maintain a friendship, which is what we've been able to do. I think that speaks levels about her and Taite as individuals."

Side note - debrief and get all your feelings about Ali, Taite and Todd out with our Bach Chat podcast. Post continues after audio.

Having watched the show back on Thursday night along with the rest of the country, Todd realised there were some emotional details we didn't get to see on TV.

“Well actually, we kind of were just holding each other for a good 15 minutes outside of the 15 minutes of talking that we did, it was really emotional. I actually did try and walk away but she wasn’t ready to let me go, she just wanted to know that I was going to be OK. She really genuinely cared and it would’ve been just the hardest thing in the world.”

“I didn’t really have a plan with what I was going to do [with the ring] but I wanted to have the option of proposing… that’s why I chose the engagement ring. I was definitely open to using it had been me at the end."

Although Todd confirmed we won't be seeing him on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise - both Todd and Taite said they were sent to the series' filming location of Fiji on holiday by 10 producers - he very well might be our next Bachelor for 2019.

"I haven't been approached and I haven't had the question asked [about going on The Bachelor] but I'd be open to The Bachelor because I believe in this experience and I believe you can find love on the show, so now that I know that, I would definitely be open to it."

The fact Todd's managed to maintain such a wholesome attitude throughout all of this is reason enough to apply.


Would you like to see Todd as the next Bachelor? Or are you over past contestants coming back for a second chance?

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