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"You thought it was done?" The incredible conversation two women were never 'meant' to have.

When Jada Pinkett-Smith, 46, sat across a table from Sheree Fletcher, 50, she had a conversation two women are never ‘meant’ to have.

Fletcher was married to Will Smith between 1992 and 1995, and they share a son, Trey Fletcher.

In 1995, Smith met Jada Pinkett when she auditioned for the role of his girlfriend on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Although she did not win the part, a romance between the two actors began.

They married two years later, when his divorce was still raw.

In a 20-minute episode of web series Red Table Talk, Pinkett-Smith speaks openly with her husband’s first wife about the difficulties they had when they first tried to blend families.

“I did not understand marriage,” Pinkett-Smith reflects. “I did not understand divorce. I probably should have fell back.”

Fletcher replies jokingly with, “You think?”

As their conversation evolves, Pinkett-Smith explains how neatly she thought everything had ended, and Fletcher laughs, “Oh, you thought it was done?”

Pinkett-Smith acknowledges she did not understand the process of “unravelling a marriage,” and in retrospect sees much of her behaviour as insensitive and inconsiderate.

They recall one incident where Fletcher called the home phone hoping to speak to her son. When Pinkett-Smith did not appreciate her tone, she promptly hung up on her.

Fletcher called back and said, “Bitch, you living in my house I picked out.”

The actress and mother-of-three simply replied, “Bitch, it’s my house now.”

After their argument, Pinkett-Smith says, “Will [Smith] let me have it”.

The actor was clear that Fletcher was, and always will be, Trey’s mother, and it would never be her place to foster conflict.

Fletcher explains during the episode titled ‘Motherhood’, that the most difficult point was learning that Trey would be meeting Smith’s new girlfriend for the first time.

When Trey returned home, he told her, “I really liked her mummy,” and said he wanted to buy Smith’s new partner a gift.

Despite the hardships the two women endured, Fletcher commended Pinkett-Smith for always being the bigger person and apologising. She learned it was her “responsibility” to respect Trey’s step-mum.

“Thank you for loving my baby,” she tearfully says to Pinkett-Smith, as they hold hands from across the table.

And that is ultimately what brings these two women together; their love for a young boy, who has now grown into a 27-year-old man.

You can watch the full episode Red Talk Table on the subject of Motherhood, right here. 

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