An $89m influencer wedding, a groom under arrest, and now a missing bride.

If you've visited social media over the past few weeks, chances are you've seen the spectacle that was the $89 million wedding of Madelaine Brockway and Jacob LaGrone.

You might have also heard that the groom appeared in court for charges that could land him in prison for, er, the rest of the life. 

And now that that little situation is being heavily reported on in the media, the bride has... completely disappeared.

Let us explain.

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The couple went viral when Brockway broadcasted her five-day-long wedding celebrations, which was held in Paris, France and had about everything one could imagine. 

There was a Maroon 5 performance, a rehearsal dinner at the Paris Opera House, fireworks at the Eiffel Tower, a stay at the Palace of Versailles and a luncheon at the Chanel Haute Couture Suite.

Yup. All in five days. 

But the groom – who seemed to be mostly just a background character for the affair that was hailed the 'wedding of the century' – appeared in court just days after the opulent affair.

He's been charged with three counts of aggravated assault on a public worker, according to the Washington Postafter he allegedly shot at three police officers in North Texas, earlier this year in March.


And now, his wife has gone MIA, having set her Instagram profile to private and deleting her TikTok account altogether.

Considering this entire ordeal and the millions spent to pull off the 'wedding of the century' seemed like a ploy to launch Brockway's influencer career, it is almost unbelievable that she is now halting the posts and asking viewers to look away completely.

Madelaine Brockway and Jacob LaGrone. Image: Instagram @madelainebrockway.


To be fair, we don't actually know a whole lot about the now-famous couple, whose unbelievable wedding fascinated, well, everyone.

So who is Madelaine Brockway and Jacob LaGrone, and how the hell were they able to spend just so damn much on their wedding? 

Well, they have Brockway's father to thank for that. She's the daughter of car dealership owner Robert 'Bob' Brockway, who happens to own a multi-million dollar car dealership.

The pair began dating in 2020 and before he took on his new role as 'husband of influencer', he worked for the Country Music Association as a talent coordinator in 2013 and 2014, before serving as a production assistant for country singer Jason Aldean in 2018.

Millions tuned in to watch LaGrone and Brockway's storybook wedding unfold, beginning with the four-day bachelorette party at the luxury Utah desert resort Amanigiri. 

Each night had a different theme and ended with a Marie Antoinette-themed dinner party on Halloween. Brockway dressed as the former Queen of France for the event.

But behind the scenes, LaGrone has had the very real threat of a 25-year prison stint hanging over his head.

Image: X @tonedandthin.


An indictment obtained by the news station WFAA 8 said LaGrone "did intentionally and knowingly threaten imminent bodily injury" to the officers and "did use or exhibit a deadly weapon during the commission of the assault, namely, a firearm".

There was no information supplied about the incident's location.

If LaGrone is convicted, he could receive a sentence of "no more than 99 years in jail" and "no less than five years in prison", according to reports.

And as more details continue to come out, it's been reported by the Dallas Morning News that the County District Attorney has offered the groom a 25-year prison sentence.

NBC reported that his wife did not attend the court proceedings. 

Feature Image: Instagram @madelainebrockway.

This article was originally published on December 3, 2023 and has since been updated with new information.