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danni elle December 31, 2023

Thank you so much for this. I hate it when friends keep hating on me by saying I have it easy as I have one child (not by choice). I would give everything to have just one more but it's not meant to be. I have a little person who thinks I'm awesome and that fills my heart with joy. 

danni elle December 13, 2023

Ooh the white T-shirt and necklace 😍

danni elle December 2, 2023

This is just unbelievable. Knowing this information why did she continue with the marriage/ wedding. 

danni elle September 16, 2023

Loved this interview πŸ‘

danni elle August 26, 2023

Yes πŸ™Œ I have done the exact same thing plus one younger brother. I am free. The weight has finally been lifted at 41 years young and I can finally live my life by my rules and live a drama free and calm life. 

danni elle July 23, 2023

❀️❀️ love this article and the movie. I agree with everything 

danni elle May 13, 2023

Beautifully written ❀️❀️

danni elle April 29, 2023

Some good shows coming up! Thanks for the tips

danni elle April 11, 2023

Such a great piece

danni elle March 24, 2023

Oh man I feel so validated. I cut my mother years ago and now this week I cut my father off. I am still raw but I am not here for their drama, abuse, and control. I'm free. Finally. It only took 41 years for me to realize I am stronger than I think. 

danni elle March 11, 2023

Great episode

danni elle March 10, 2023

I could have written this word for word for my life. Now in my forties I have no time for anyone in my family. I am done being an audience member to their drama and chaos

danni elle December 6, 2022

Oh wow! Just wow. Thanks for sharing 

danni elle November 3, 2022


danni elle October 3, 2022

What a wonderful outcome and overcoming so many hurdles and pain

danni elle September 3, 2022

Here here. I have two toxic parents who have no boundaries and have shown little respect for me as a child and adult. I refuse to accept that because they are your parents that you should put up with unacceptable behaviour. I was the child that had to be the parent and continually making excuses for people who should have known better. As an adult I was still making excuses until I said no more. There was a lot of fall out from my decision but I know I made the right decision. I will back myself 100 per cent. Every. Single. Time. Great article. Well done πŸ‘

queendani August 15, 2022

What a great piece. A great reminder that your career is important but not at the expense of your creativity, mental health or just a happier life. I made the same decision and while scary at times not knowing what happens next, it is also exciting that I don't know what happens next ☺️

queendani February 1, 2022

Great story Emma πŸ‘πŸ‘

queendani February 1, 2022

Thanks for featuring my honey biscuits ❀️❀️

queendani January 2, 2022

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing the exercises but also the theory behind it