Apparently, this chicken is 100% safe to eat and everything we know about food is wrong.

Victorian shopper Jamie Ferguson was in the middle of preparing her four-pack of Coles RSPCA-approved chicken breasts when she made a rather… vomit-inducing discovery.

One breast was not the light pink colour she was expecting, but an unmistakable shade of snot green.

Concerned, she shared her plight on the Coles Facebook page.

“Upon cooking dinner tonight, we opened a packet of four chicken breasts to separate. We added one to a tray of roast veggies we were in the process of cooking, and bagged the rest to freeze. On the last one, this is what we see,” she wrote, stating that the meat was still within its expiry date.

“This is disease and poison in our home!!!! What do you plan on doing about this? We could have gotten so sick had we not seen this before eating tonight’s dinner!!!”

“Outraged. We will not be buying from Coles after this.”

Hundreds of fellow grossed on-lookers shared their revulsion.

However… Apparently, the green appearance doesn’t impact the meat’s food safety standards and it is completely safe to eat (if you dare). Yes, really.

Speaking to Yahoo 7 News, a Coles spokesperson said that its green tinge can be blamed on a condition called deep pevtoral myopathy (DPM), which is colloquially known as ‘Green Muscle Disease’.

Mmmmm, tantalising.

“Deep pectoral myopathy (DPM) is a green discolouration of the flesh caused when swelling occurs as a result of oxygen deficiency in the muscle,” said the spokesperson for Coles.


“This usually happens from the bird flapping its wings too much. It is not harmful to eat and the taste of the chicken would not be altered.”

The Centre for Food Safety, which is an initiative under the Hong Kong Government, confirms this.

Stating that it only affects the meat aesthetically, they said that DPM is generally found in “commercially raised broiler chickens,” and doesn’t impact the health of the chicken and shouldn’t be treated as a food safety concern.

“The lesion does not impair the general health of the chickens and is generally found during cut-up and deboning.  The condition is not associated with any infectious or harmful substance and has no food safety concern other than affecting the aesthetic appearance of the meat,” they wrote.

This isn’t the first time Coles has encountered the problem. In April 2016 a disgruntled customer posted about a similar concern on Reddit.

Ewwwwwww. Image: Reddit.

"PSA: This Chicken I bought yesterday from Coles appears to have gangrene," wrote Reddit user Oscilllator in the title of the post.

At the time a spokesperson for the supermarket gave a similar statement and said that it "is not harmful to eat and the taste of the chicken would not be altered," they said.

Despite this, if you're still unswayed by factual reasoning, and can't look past the green, the good people of Coles confirmed to Yahoo 7 News that you're welcome to return the item to your nearest store for a refund or replacement.

Knowing that this chicken is completely safe to eat, can you overlook its appearance? 


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