Over the weekend, two Australian customers made horrifying discoveries in their KFC meals.

Just in case you didn’t have trust issues already, two separate KFC customers have made rather disgusting discoveries while feasting on their fried chicken at the weekend.

The complaints were posted to the KFC Facebook page in the space of two days, with both buyers reporting a similar problem.

Melbourne-based customer Jamie Allen bought a classic Zinger Box on Saturday, only to discover a SAFETY PIN in his chicken.

“So KFC I’m a long time eater, first time complainer,” he wrote.

“I enjoy your Zinger box on a Sunday when I’m under the weather. But today after paying a visit to your Cranbourne store I have a question to ask. Are two of your secret herbs and spices, safety pins and hair? Not really impressed and forgot my potato and gravy.”

Jamie wasn’t the only customer to complain over the weekend, with Queensland resident Jadeo Genet also posting to the page.

“Lately the last trips to KFC we’ve done have ended in disgusting results,” he said. “This time a long brown or red hair stuck in the chicken.”

“Usually, we refrain from saying anything in hopes it’s just an accident. But enough is enough when you’re trying to feed a big family with one of you’re [sic] family feast deals and there’s hair all through the chicken.”

Jadeo even went so far as to allege a breach in food hygiene standards:

“Do your teenage workers at Loganholme not wear hair nets or gloves when dealing with food?” he asked.

“I’m sorry but like I said this isn’t the first time this has happened and it’s very disheartening.”

Officially responding to Jadeo, a customer service representative for KFC offered to help remedy the situation.


“We take these matters very seriously, could you message us directly with the store name, the time of the order and your best contact number so we can have the area manager contact you and sort this out?” they said.

Alas, the comments section for Jamie’s complaint looked significantly different. Already gaining over 680 likes, 67 shares and 560 comments in just over 24 hours, hundreds of people tagged their friends with warnings against the takeaway giant.

“Free safety pin and protein. Why this person complaining,” joked one Facebook user.

Making the best out of an ‘uncomfortable’ situation, another commenter simply said “finger prickin’ good.”

Additionally others chose to empathise with Jamie’s potato-less plight.

“KFC are always and forever forgetting the potato and gravy and like that pisses me off cause I always look forward to the potato and gravy!” they wrote.

And then, for a select few, the photo of a strand of hair attached to a paper clip cooked into a piece of batter only encouraged their cravings.

“Weird how I feel like ultimate burger box now,” wrote one KFC super fan.

Oddly enough, we don’t agree at all.

Speaking to Mamamia, a spokesperson from KFC said that they are “extremely concerned” and investigating these issues.

“We are extremely concerned to hear of this incident, as serving great food, to the highest standards is of paramount importance to us. We have contacted the customer and are in the process of investigating this issue,” they wrote.

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