Hear us out: This clip of a woman's pronunciation of "flour" has had 2.5 million views.

When former Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle went onto talk show Sunday Brunch in 2010, she probably didn’t think that eight years later a clip of her pronouncing the word ‘flour’ would go viral.

But thanks to Twitter, that’s exactly what happened.

Twitter user @calhmm posted the six second clip, saying that: “I can’t stop thinking about how nadine coyle says ‘flour’.”

Now two days later, it’s had 2.46 million views and growing.

When asked by host, Tum Lovejoy whether she’s “one of those people that enjoy cooking?,” Coyle replied in the affirmative.

“I enjoy cooking, baking and stuff, working with flour,” she said, but instead of pronouncing it like ‘fl-our,’ the Northern Irish singer’s intonation sounded more like ‘floy-urr-eyae.’

And it caught people off guard in a major way.

Including Coyle herself, who asked on Twitter, “What is this flour craic all about you mad edjits [an affectionate Irish slang term for idiot]?”

While those that share her accent have come to the singer’s defence, many are a little confused and have posted their laugh-out-loud responses on social media.

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