The creepy texts this woman received are like a scene straight out of YOU.

A woman has shared the creepy texts she received from a stranger she met on a train – and it’s being compared to a scene straight out of Netflix’s YOU.

In case you haven’t watched the creepy drama/thriller TV series currently streaming on Netflix, it’s about a man who stalks a girl he met at his bookstore. Without giving away any spoilers, his methods for tracking his new crush, in the beginning, are by using social media to find out everything he can about her.

And it sounds eerily similar to what the guy who contacted Lynda Lorraine after meeting her on a train did.

On Twitter, the 20-year-old shared the text conversation that followed when the man reached out to her following her encounter.

Lynda surprised to receive a text from the man, Josh, reaching out to say hi – because she never gave him her number.

Josh seemed to know this might be a shock, preemptively explaining he got her number from one of her friends, adding “hope you don’t mind”.

Well, Lynda did mind, actually, pushing him on which friend gave him her number, but more importantly, how he found her friends.

And that’s when Josh shows his creepy hand, casually explaining he found her on Instagram, saw she followed mutual friends and reached out to them.

Lynda then, very logically, asks why he didn’t take the less invasive route of just sending her a direct message on Instagram.

His explanation is delightful: “Yh but ur not the type of girl I dm [sic]. I only dm girls I wanna pipe.”

(If you need a translation, he’s saying he only sends Instagram messages to girls he wants to have sex with and not much else.)

As if the red flags weren’t waving enough at this stage, Josh then demands she go on a date with him on Thursday if he wants to know which friend she needs to have a serious talking to about privacy.

We can tell at this point Lynda has been raised right and bluntly tells the man she will “most definitely not” go on a date with him.


Why, he asks? Because, as Lynda explains: “I’m really not flattered by this. It’s weird and invasive. And there’s no way you can decide for me that I’m going to go out with you.”

The man persists, but Lynda asks him to delete her number.

His response is a steaming mad emoji – which says everything we need to know, really.

Lynda asked followers if she was “overreacting”?

No one thought she was, as everyone agreed the man’s moves were creepy. But as some people pointed out, his actions would probably have been considered “sweet” or “romantic” if they’d been taken by a character in a romantic comedy.

And plenty of people pointed out Josh’s similarities to YOU’s Joe Goldberg.

Lynda told Buzzfeed that she blocked the man’s number, but decided not to report it to police as so far, he hasn’t reached out again.

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