A DIY straightener, plus 2 other I'm A Celeb beauty tricks that are actually kind of genius.


Raise your hand if you’ve ever read a beauty article about what products you’d take if you were stranded on a desert island? Yep, us too.

Whether or not you’re planning to go on Survivor anytime soon, the question remains: how would you fare for weeks on end without your regular beauty routine if you were dropped, say, into the South African jungle?

For some, this would be the least concerning part of being in said jungle. Others might struggle. Thankfully, the 2020 contestants on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! have you covered should you ever find yourself in such a dire situation.

You can watch a snippet from the jungle beauty hacks on I’m A Celebrity in the video below, post continues after video.

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You see, in all their free time sitting around camp, a few of them have come up with some pretty nifty jungle beauty hacks. From hair straightening to how to fill in your eyebrows, keep scrolling for our thoughts on whether these tips would stack up in the real world.

P.S. Full transparency, two of these beauty hacks are… questionable. The third involves a beauty tool we think everyone should own.

1. A desperate but adequate hack for doing your eyebrows.

im a celeb beauty
Bravo, Rhonda. Bravo. Image: Ten.

In Tuesday night's episode, Australian entertainer Rhonda Burchmore OAM came up with a technique to add colour and definition to her eyebrows, sans a handy eyebrow pencil or a nice tint.

That technique? Applying a bit of charcoal from the camp's fire pit with a stick. The result was more obvious eyebrows, which in a jungle situation, is the best one could hope for.

Obviously, there are a few issues with drawing on your eyebrows with a stick and charcoal.

Firstly, ouch. You'd need to be careful in selecting a stick that won't scratch the heck out of your face, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Secondly, not everyone suits a bold, black, ashy brow.


Other than that, we don't see any major issues with swapping a brow powder for charcoal straight from the fire when forced to. There is, however, a better way to apply the product in the jungle, which we'll get to a bit later...

2. A genius yet problematic way to straighten your hair without a straightener. Or electricity.

charlotte im a celeb
Charlotte, you are a genius but this is also mildly concerning. Image: Ten.

In the first week of I'm A Celeb, British reality TV star Charlotte Crosby found a genius way to straighten her hair without a straightener. Or electricity.

Armed with just two silver cooking pans, fire and her ingenuity, Charlotte managed to create a jungle hair straightener. This was done by heating the bottom, flat surface of the cooking pans over the fire, then carefully flattening a section of hair between the two.


Obviously, the overall look wasn't as sleek as when you use a traditional straightener, but when you're living in one set of undies without running water, it's a pretty decent plan B, no?

As for whether this hack would hold up in the real world - clearly, replicating Charlotte's technique is not good for your hair. At all. Even worse if done with hair that's still a bit damp from your lagoon shower.

In hot and humid climates, such as a tropical jungle, you're better off embracing your natural hair texture or slicking your hair up into a fun high ponytail or a sleek bun.

3. The multi-use beauty tool you can 100 per cent sneak into the jungle.

erin im a celeb
Erin, you bloody ripper. Image: Ten.

Now, onto the I'm A Celeb beauty trick worth adopting into your everyday routine.

A spoolie.

When faced with the prospect of not being able to adequately care for her false eyelash extensions, former Love Island Australia reality TV star Erin Barnett did what any good lash extension client would do. She snuck a spoolie brush into camp from home.

Yes, this has made for some pretty hilarious vision of Erin brushing her eyelashes during challenges and while lazing around camp, but we applaud her choice of beauty tool.

Spoolies, also known as eyebrow/eyelash brushes or naked mascara wands, are one of the most underrated beauty tools out there.

You can buy a jumbo pack for around $5 from the chemist and they have so many uses, including brushing your eyelash extensions, tidying your eyebrows or brushing product/charcoal through for a natural-looking finish, and smoothing down flyaway hairs with a bit of water. In the real world, you can even touch up hair regrowth by using one to gently brush hair dye through your roots.

And that, folks, is all we've got time for in this installment of I'm A Celeb jungle beauty. Until next time.

Feature image: Ten.

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