Just a very specific list of 10 items you definitely owned in 2006.

It's 2006 and you're getting ready to go out. You're listening to Rihanna's 'SOS' on your iPod, while you apply your foundation - Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse. 

You add some bronzer and a swipe of frosty pink MAC lipstick to complete the look. Lauren Conrad and Rachel Zoe are the gods you worship. 

You slide a fresh SD card into your digital camera and pop it in your clutch, before giving yourself a spritz of Britney Spears Curious...

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What an IMAGE, you guys.

It's one we couldn't help but conjure immediately when we saw a post on the nostalgic Instagram account Celeb Spellcheck (it's private, but you can request to follow them - trust us, it's worth it), citing several items that all of us who lived through the early noughties are intimately familiar with.

Inspired by their tribute to the ~style icons~ of the era, from faux fur vests to *those* Jeffrey Campbell boots, here are some very specific items you most definitely owned in 2006.

We hope the SD card in your digital camera was corrupt and you have no physical proof of the following tragedy.

1. A YSL Arty ring.

Image: Pinterest 


How did we not remember these until we saw this post?

We would have SOLD. OUR. SOUL. for a YSL Arty ring. Like, we frothed SO FKN HARD over these. Why? Because we just needed that to add that little bit of ~fancy~ to our boot-leg jean/trucker cap aesthetic.

If you were lucky enough to have owned one of these rings, you most definitely got it for your 21st birthday. And if you couldn't afford one of the real ones, you had a fake from Diva.

2. A faux fur vest.

Image: H&M

Yes, yes, another classic.

Shaking, crying, throwing up.

3. An envelope clutch


Image: Pinterest 

The best part? They came in so many different colours and jusssst fit your digital camera.

4. A bodycon peplum dress.

Image: Pinterest

Thoughts and prayers. You had this in like 10 colours. And usually teamed it with a blazer for that business casual look while hitting the club. What a fkn time.

5. Jeffrey Campbell boots.

Image: Jeffrey Campbell 


If there's one 2000s trend I'll never get over, it's these glorious Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita' boots. I remember dropping a kebab all over mine and staining the suede. I was NOT. OKAY.

6. The donut bun.

Image: Pinterest 

If you didn't have the fancy foam donut thing from Hair House Warehouse, you did the sock thing. Cause donut buns were chic AF. 

7. Sass & Bide harness.

Image: Pinterest


$350 for a piece of studded material? YES, WE'LL TAKE FOUR THANKS.

8. MAC Cosmetics lipstick in St Germain.

Image: MAC Cosmetics 

Often accompanied by approximately way too much bronzer and a shimmery eye, a swipe of frosty MAC lipstick completed your going out look, every. single. time.

9. The disco pant.

Image: eBay 


What to team with your faux fur vest? Disco pants from American Apparel, OBVIOUSLY. Oh, and your JC boots.

10. Sony Cyber-Shot.

Image: Sony

Don't even try to pretend you didn't take one of these bad boys on a night out. Camera phones? Pffft... never heard of her.

How many of these did you tick off? Any other bangers to add to the list? Good. Good. Drop them in the comment section below.

Feature image: Vestiaire Collective; Luxury Promise; Pinterest; Mac Cosmetics and Mamamia.

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