Monday Open Post: what's on your mind?


Welcome to a new Open post on Monday mornings where you can come and vent/share about your weekend. What you did, who you saw, what you watched, what you loved and what annoyed the pants off you (Man-Flu ANYONE?)

Did you watch TV last night? Howzat? Big Brother? 60 Minutes? Everybody Dance Now? Howzat was our pick – so many moustaches, an incredible performance by Lachy Hulme as Kerry Packer and a delightful cameo by Rhona from the AAMI ads as KP’s secretary Rose which sent Twitter into meltdown with many confusing references to Katut in the #Howzat stream. AND it had 2.09 million viewers.


Lachy Hulme as Kerry Packer in Howzat

Some seriously good Aussie TV on at the moment – between this and Puberty Blues (made by the same production company and by the genius John Edwards who is also behind Offspring), it’s the best ratings season in memory.

So what else happened on your weekend? How are you feeling about the week ahead? Go.

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