The hashtag that's trending for all the wrong reasons.

We know you didn’t ask, but many people want to tell you how to spot a feminist. Sigh.

Ever wondered how to spot a feminist?

Me neither. But luckily for no-one, Doc Thompson, a very vocal and very conservative radio host for The Morning Blaze in the U.S, has encouraged the world to tell him “How to spot a feminist“.

This may’ve been a positive, except that he followed it up with this:

I don’t know much about Doc, but from a quick squiz over his Twitter, he appears to be… “controversial”:

Well that’s a strong opinion!

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Unfortunately, the controversial “How to spot a feminist” tweet stuck, and many decided to contribute to the topic using the #HowToSpotAFeminist hashtag. Which obviously brought out the best in society.

These are just a few of the *hilarious* examples that have come up on Twitter so far. Which, and maybe I’m biased, aren’t funny, right?

Luckily, my misunderstanding of the humour of this hashtag may be explained by this helpful tweet:

Well I’m embarrassed.

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Fortunately for human-kind, many have come out with how you can actually spot a feminist. And according to my shamefully humourless-self, they are much more funny and on point.

In case people are still unclear, please direct your attention here, and here and here for a concise explanation of how to spot a feminist.

For everyone else, take comfort in the many people who have jumped on the hashtag in the best possible way: