10 people share the strangest experience they've ever had with a friend's parent.


Everyone knows a family that’s a little bit… weird.

But it makes matters a whole lot worse when your friend is a part of that weird family.

An incredibly entertaining thread going viral on Reddit has people sharing the strangest experiences they’ve ever had with their friend’s parents.

And boy, there are some interesting stories out there.

We spoke to our readers and scoured Reddit to find the weirdest encounters people have ever had with their friend’s parents.

Here’s a handful of their responses…

Porn PowerPoint

“Friend’s dad who I was building a website for, and thus was in contact by email seemed to accidentally forward a PowerPoint with a bunch of super generic, but hardcore, porn copy and pasted into it, being shared by like 30 correspondents,” redditor WinterCartoonist shared.

“What it appeared to me was a bunch of old very not tech savvy guys thought copy and pasting porn into a PowerPoint was either the most efficient, or the most discreet way of sharing porn, and somehow I accidentally got added to the list.”

Hand of Jesus

“A friend’s mother once sat me down and told me that she had seen the ‘hand of Jesus’ in the shower one night and that he was coming to save us all,” Kate said.

“The conversation lasted approximately two hours.”

Awkward sleepover

“I was coming back from the annual county fair with a childhood friend and his cousin, heading to my friend’s house. Unfortunately I got really sick at the fair and was sprawled out in the back of my friend’s cousin’s car trying my best not to puke everywhere,” Redditor edgaralan_o shared.


“Out of desperation for my stomach pain to pass, I didn’t even turn on the lights when I got to his house and literally fell onto the bed in the dark, only to find his dad under me snoring.

“Apparently my friend’s dad was staying up waiting for us to get home and fell asleep on his bed. I obviously woke him up and he freaked out, turned on the lights and yup, he was in his underwear.

“When he saw it was us, he laughed at the situation, but it was definitely one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life. I’m just glad I didn’t throw up on him.”

Bad spirits

“A friend’s mother held my hand in the car and prayed for the ‘bad spirits to leave my body’ after I was diagnosed with a sleep disorder,” Anna said.

Breast exam

“My high school boyfriend’s mum instructed me on how to give myself a breast exam at my boyfriend’s birthday party in which I was the only girl,” Reddit user Rustmutt said.

“She gave me a pamphlet with nipples on it and everything. And not even like, pull you aside, talk quietly. Full on ‘before we have cake, I think it’s very important you learn this’.”

Hollaback Girl

“I was in the sixth grade and had just started going over to my best friend’s house for the weekend. His dad was sitting on the ledge for the fireplace bumping ‘Hollaback Girl’ by Gwen Stefani on repeat for a good 45 minutes,” Reddit user FIBER_GHOST said.


“My best friend’s mum called my mum and said I was an ‘alcoholic”‘ because I drank too much one time when I was 18,” Lydia said.


Beautiful lips

“I was maybe 12-13 years old and staying the night at a friend’s house. Her parents took us out to a diner for dinner and my friend’s Dad was staring at me and finally said, ‘you have very beautiful lips’,” Redditor kit_gilder shared.

“I froze, it was super weird, luckily my friend piped up and yelled at her dad for being creepy, took my hand, and we left the table for a while. Her mum said nothing.”

Never get married

“At eight years old, I’m at my friend’s house for a sleepover. His parents start arguing over something, I don’t remember what it is. But my friend’s Dad looks straight at me and says, ‘Never get married’,” Reddit user Hogger18 said.

“At eight years old I had no idea what to do with this information so I just froze.”

Drunk mum

“We picked up my friend’s mum one night at a bar cause she was drunk and on the way back she kept yelling ‘I’m not going to f**k you!’ to me in the backseat,” Reddit user GraveSymphony wrote.

“That was the strangest one hour car ride of my life.”

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