Um, turns out there's a right way to put on a bra and it's dividing women of the internet.


A Twitter user has created a clear divide among women by asking a simple question: how do you put your bra on?

Because breast cupping and strap adjusting aside, there are really only two ways you can do it.

Ladies, you know this: you either put the bra on backwards, with the back fastening around your chest to do it up and then twist it around and slip the straps on.

OR you put your bra on like a grown-up, slipping the straps over your shoulders and fastening it with your hands behind back.

Twitter user Aki posed this question with helpful drawings to illustrate:


And she soon found out that this was a something we women care about, a lot.

Gals doing the blue couldn’t understand the wizardry of those fastening the clasp without looking at it, while red bra-fitters simply bragged about their bra putting on superiority by acting like it was no big deal.


And then a group of people who put their bra on, already done up, over their heads like a T-shirt emerged to really stir stuff up.



What it comes down to, it soon became clear, is that people who put their bra on backwards were taught to do it that way as pre-teens and just never worked their way up to doing it the right way.

And we say “right” way, only because that’s the way underwear experts say will help you get the most out of your bra.

According to the people at online retailer Brastop, if you put it on backwards and twist it, you’re stretching the back straps.

“If you happen to be one of those women who fastens their bra at the front and then twists it around to the back, then it might be worth re-considering, unless you are unable to do otherwise,” they recommend.


“While it’s not catastrophic, it does stretch the elastic and cause the wires to warp, which means a shorter lifespan for your bra!”

One Twitter user had an interesting thought, however, wondering why it is that the claps for bras are at the back, not front – especially when under clothes, no one can see the fastening.

Why indeed.