The Find: bras for big boobs that won't make you feel like you're wearing granny underwear.

As a woman “blessed” with larger breasts, bra shopping is the absolute worst.

I can’t count the number I’ve times I’ve been reduced to tears in the changing rooms after attempting to squeeze my 10Es into 15 decent-looking but ill-fitting bras that barely cover a nipple.

In these situations, I’ll inevitably give up and reluctantly spend far too much money on the only bra available that actually fits. Invariably, it’s a frumpy, beige (maybe white if I’m lucky) number that wouldn’t look out of place in an 80-year-old’s laundry basket.

Anything remotely sexy? Don’t make me laugh.

My experience is not isolated. New Zealand-based comedian Charde Heremaia recently posted a video to her Facebook page ranting about the impossibility of shopping for bras for her FFs.

It’s been viewed almost half a million times already, with thousands of shares and comments of people who feel the exact same. (Post continues after video.)

Well, ladies, I think I’ve found the solution. It turns out there is a bra brand that understands women with large boobs don’t actually want to hide them in hideous flesh-coloured sacks; that we too want to feel pretty, sexy, confident and supported. Say hello to EVOLLOVE.

Around since 2012 and specifically designed for D to G cups, these bras are the furthest from dowdy. They’re colourful, available in cool prints, great basics and silk and lace — and the last thing I was expecting to find a few months ago during a typical dreary underwear shop.

I wandered into the Bendon Lingerie discount factory outlet on a whim. It was the January sales and my underwear drawer desperately needed a refresh. I tried on a few bras that took my fancy in DD, which I believed was my size. It was useless.

After successfully evading any offers of help from the sales assistant, I gave in and beckoned her into the cubicle, pathetically trying to cover my modesty. She took one look at me (where on earth do they learn this skill?) and instantly identified me as an E.

“I know just the ones. Have you ever tried EVOLLOVE before?” I stared back at her blankly.


Colour! Lace! Not flesh-toned! The granny days were over. Image: Supplied.

When she came back and handed me several brightly-coloured bras, I once again found myself almost in tears in a changing room - this time from sheer happiness. The granny days were over.

One after another, the bras fit — and they looked good. My boobs weren't flattened or squashed into weird places. For the first time, my only dilemma was deciding which ones to buy.

I bought all six. This was largely helped by the fact that they were on sale for 40 per cent off, but I would have gladly done the same at full price — which, at around $79.95 for a bra, is unfortunately on the high side of pretty standard.

Watch: Mia Freedman also recently found out she'd been wearing the wrong bra size. (Post continues after video.)

I left with a white T-shirt bra, an everyday black one, a lacy bustier, a silk indigo printed one, a fun royal blue one and an amazing multi-coloured bra that could even pass as a crop top.


The deal clincher? They all had equally lovely matching bottoms.

EVOLLOVE's currently in the midst of their mid-season sale, and there are plenty of bargains to be snapped up before the new range hits stores. I love the burgundy lace bra ($39.98), the black balconette ($38.47) and the longer version of my indigo silk print.

Bigger busted girls can finally have nice things too. Image: Bendon Lingerie.

It's definitely a 'first world' problem, but it has made such a difference. My clothes look so much better now my boobs are higher (and actually supported) and I've had a boost of confidence from wearing a matching set of lovely underwear — even if no-one else sees it but me.

Lesson learned? Never underestimate the power of good underwear - and when you find something this rare and good, tell everyone you can.

Got any more brand/store recommendation to find gorgeous underwear for big boobs? Share your wisdom below!

You can find EVOLLOVE  at Bendon Lingerie, Myer and ASOS. This post is in no way sponsored, I'm just a huge fan (and relieved) to find bras that look good and support ma' boobs.