Life-changing: Mum finds the secret tumble dryer compartment that's hiding missing socks.

Is there anything more insignificantly annoying in life than losing a sock in the wash? No.

Getting to the bottom of your washing basket to find one lonely looking ankle sock is like the start of a real-life suburban murder mystery.

What happened to that sock? Where is the body? And why? WHY?

If you’ve ever found yourself searching for long lost socks, one mum might have just cracked the case.

Danielle Carr, like many of us, was being blamed for the many socks mysteriously disappearing in her household (because mums are the only ones who do washing, yeah?).

Then Danielle – who is the partner of British reality TV star Kirk Norcross – found a secret tumble-dryer compartment. And just like magic, her missing socks were inside.

“So I’ve been to blame for loosing socks when actually I was right that the tumble dryer eats them! There’s a second filter underneath that socks fall into! Feel free to share so we can reunite long lost socks #mysterysolved,” the 25-year-old wrote, in a caption for a video of herself finding socks in her dryer’s filter compartments.


“So your tumble dryer stores socks, so whenever I get blamed for losing socks in the wash, you open this bit here… and look, there’s a sock, oh wow and another sock. So the tumble dryer is hiding our socks!” she said in the video.

You’ll find these filter compartments at the bottom and on the sides of most clothes dryers, but when was the last time you opened them to have a look or, dare we say it, a clean?

So the next time your or someone you love can’t find their other sock, it might be wise to check your dryer’s filter compartments before declaring the case unsolvable.

She did admit she only found two of the many missing socks within the tumble-dyer’s filter compartments, resigning to the fact that maybe the other socks went missing due to other reasons.

Also… if you don’t own a clothes dryer and rely on good ole fashioned air and sunlight to dry your socks, we’re afraid you are indeed to blame for your missing socks and we can’t help you.


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