A mum has complained the clothes she donated to her neighbour's kids have been "trashed".

Mummy blog website Sanctimommy has shared a screenshot of a Facebook post where a woman has gone on an epic rant about a very first world problem.

An unidentified woman has complained that the “upscale” kids clothing which she donated to her neighbour have now been “trashed.”

“I don’t know what to do with my girls’ outgrown clothes,” she begins, adding that she donated many pieces to her neighbour, who has three daughters, for whom money is tight because she “does not work.”

So far, so good. But then she explains she expected a lot more from her neighbour than simple gratitude.

“I told her I ‘baby’ these clothes. I am meticulous about stains, and they have never been in the dryer.”


Stressing that the clothes “looked perfect” when she handed them over, the woman then tells us how devastated she was when she saw the clothes were no longer in said condition.

“I was almost in tears! They were completely trashed!”

Because, you see, her neighbour’s daughter was, at that very time, eating blue ice cream, whilst wearing the special clothes. Not just any ice cream, people. Blue. Ice. Cream. 

The offending ice cream was smeared all over the “$100 outfit.” Hence the woman’s tears.

But, according to the woman, this was not the fault of the child. It was the result of terrible, neglectful parenting by the neighbour.


“Made it perfectly through two of my kids and not even the first of hers,” she despaired in the post. And, she added, if her neighbour would just take some care, it wouldn’t have come to this. Especially, as she points out, she is a working mother, unlike the neighbour, and would still have the capacity not to royally c*ck up the clothes.

“If I have the time to hang, steam, press every outfit, then she could, too,” she noted.

We can see how problematic it is indeed, that the donated clothes were being worn and used by the recipients, and not hung in a glass frame in the pool room as expected.

“Now I have boxes of very nice upscale clothing I have no idea what to do with,” she concludes her post.

Of course, it’s frustrating to see beloved items not treated as respectfully as you’ve treated them… but it’s something most of us make peace with when we pass on our used items. It’s called reality. Yet, it seems this mum never made that peace. And members of the Sanctimommy community had a lot to say about it.

Sanctimommy herself wrote: “I won’t even consign my daughter’s clothes anymore since Kid 2 Kid told me they wouldn’t give me the names and addresses of the people they’d planned to allow to purchase these precious items. I was like omg, don’t you even care? THIS DRESS IS TRISH SCULLY.”


Yes, the woman was mocked mercilessly in the comments section for being sanctimonious, precious, and for not donating with true charity in mind.

“If you don’t create your own clothes out of kale and coconut oil do you even love your crotch fruit?” one woman jokingly wrote.

“I can’t believe she admitted to living next door to poor folks, people who don’t steam and press their kid’s clothes! I would call CPS!! Did they even breastfeed for the first ten years??” said another.

“Someone has too much time on their hands if they’re worrying about clothes they gave away,” one commenter observed.

Many people expressed empathy for the neighbour.

“I know people who are down on their luck and have three kids have a LOT of time and money for stain treatments and high maintenance laundering so I’ve no idea what went wrong,” one person sarcastically commented.

“I am so glad I’m not that woman’s neighbour. If she’s this upset over kids eating blue ice cream and staining an expensive outfit, I could give her some real shock and outrage,” said another.

Finally, one bewildered woman asked what everyone had been thinking: “Who in the hell presses and steams children’s clothing?”

Moral of the story: go home and hold your own neighbours tight, people.