The note a couple got from their creeping neighbours about their naked antics. 

A British couple has made public a note they received from their peeping neighbours, and it’s everything we need to see today.

Karin and Jay Stone, from Newcastle, were the unlucky receivers of a not-so-friendly note from their neighbours after repeatedly seeing the couple naked when they leave their blinds open.

Jay shared the note in a Facebook post, which evidently went viral.

“Would you please close your blinds when getting dressed and undressing. We are sick of seeing big bums, big boobs and little willy. Or we will report you both for indecent exposure,” the note read.

The couple was initially baffled by the letter, but then hit back by sharing it on Facebook. And in order to maintain a shred of dignity, Jay hilariously added to his Facebook caption: “must of (sic) had the heating off #littlewilly”.

Karin said she thought the neighbours’ reaction was “excessive”.

“I don’t understand it, it’s not like we’ve been parading around naked – just living normal life,” Karin told The Mirror.

“It does feel really creepy – I feel like somebody has been peeping. I’m considering putting a note over both my windows saying ‘stop looking!’.”

Since the note was shared, Facebook users have been coming up with ways for the Stones to get back at the creepy neighbours, with a few people agreeing that the neighbours behaviour is just a little… pervy.

But the vast majority of comments referenced the fact that in this day-and-age, with houses built so close together, it could be almost impossible for their neighbours to avoid looking into their house.

We’re thinking the best option for the Stones is to probably just close their blinds…

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