FLUFF: How I Met Your Mother producers leak another secret

How I Met Your Mother is set to end soon. So… who is the mother?

The finale of How I Met Your Mother was filmed when??

The producers of How I Met Your Mother are very, very sneaky. They concealed the identity of the mother for eight seasons (SPOILER: It was revealed recently).

And now we hear that the most important scene of the whole show – in which Ted’s kids finally found out How Their Dad Met Their Muma – was filmed eight years ago. Eight. Years. Ago. As in, right at the beginning of filming.

Remember Ted’s kids, who stare at the television rolling their eyes as he tells them how he met their mother? One day, producers grabbed the actors – David Henrie and Lyndsy Fonseca – for a top-secret filming. They locked them in a room with a single camera man, had them sign a non-disclosure form, and filmed the climactic scene for the finale episode of season nine.

Apparently Lyndsy Fonesca was so scared she’d tell someone about the ending, she’s blocked it from her mind completely and can’t remember a thing.

In other How I Met Your Mother news, there’s a spin-off series in the works, without any of the original cast members. It stars a female narrator telling her kids how she met their dad… Surely it’ll be called How I Met Your Father.

“I was totally wearing undies!” says Miranda Kerr

We were all “She’s going commando! She’s going Kerr-mando!” but as it turns out, the supermodel was wearing underwear. And for someone who has spent years professionally wearing underwear for Victoria’s Secret, we’re relieved.

“I wore these little pants you can wear – they stick on at the front and they stick on at the back.”

We were skeptical, but I guess we’ve got to take her word for it. We’re just glad she didn’t use the word ‘panties’.


All the dresses from the Allan Border medal

So last night, awards were won. Cricket-themed sports concert awards.

Mitchell Johnson added the 2014 Allan Border Medal to his trophy cabinet. Captain Michael Clarke was the favourite for that award, but as a consolation prize he took home Player of the Year (an award we feel could have been more tactfully named).

The only female award of the night, the Belinda Clark Medal, went to Meg Lanning. Belinda Clark herself will be inducted into the Cricket Australia Hall of Fame.

And yes, there were WAGs in attendance. WAGs who wore sparkly, revealing, spectacular dresses.

Check ’em all out here:

Helen Kapalous quits Today Tonight

As it is, she’s gone about it gracefully – leaving to host Channel Seven’s current affairs show Sunday Night. Which, you guessed it, will air on Sunday nights.

“As much as I’ve enjoyed presenting, I want to immerse myself in longer-form storytelling,” she said. “Sunday Night is a dream gig and it’s a privilege to be involved in this show.”

The change takes place immediately, with Helen starting her new gig this week. Nick Etchells, who has filled in as summer host, will continue in the role until a permanent replacement is found.

Did Vanity Fair lighten Lupita’s skin?

If you’re like us – and you’ve been watching the Golden Globes and SAGs red carpet – you’re probably completely in love with 12 Years A Slave actress Lupita Nyong’o. She’s incredibly beautiful, and she has a flawless sense of style.


To celebrate her Best Supporting Actress win, Vanity Fair released an image from a photo shoot they did with the star. In the photo, Lupita’s skin appears to have been lightened. Have a look for yourself. Here’s Lupita in real life on the left, and in the magazine on the right.

We’re getting kind of obsessed with Margot Robbie

The ex-Neighbours star is Hollywood’s latest obsession (and ours).

She stars in The Wolf of Wall Street opposite Leo di Caprio, has a movie with Will Smith on its way, and just got cast in Z for Zacharia.

To celebrate Margot Robbie’s total Hollywood take-over, we pulled together her 10 best looks.

Did we just pay $10K for Nicole Kidman to visit a film festival?

Well, this is awkward. Nicole Kidman just flew to a Toronto film festival to promote her new movie Railway Man.

And, ah, the Australian taxpayers are footing the bill.

She’s the fourth richest woman in Australia, but relied on the $10,000 travel grant from Screen Australia, which is a government-funded organisation.

A spokesman for Kidman says Nicole never applied for the grant, but the film’s producers did so on her behalf.

The film, which was partly filmed in Queensland, already received $2 million in support from Screen Australia.